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Onboarding Steps

NOTE:  The EASIEST thing you can do is to follow this link and go through this

eXp’s Step by Step Onboarding Guide

Your First Few Days <- Click Here 



Then join our social media pages at www.JuanandBettina.com/newagent

Questions About Joining or Need Help?

We are here to help agents thinking about joining, ready to join, or in the process of joining!

  • Call – 855-2-JOINEXP
  • email – joinexp@exprealty.net
  • eXp World – Onboarding & Agent Services Lobby
  • Reach out to Bettina 214-683-6746

STEP 1: As Per The Application Instructions Complete The Online Application, Sign Documents, Apply For Cap Deferment If Applicable, and Download eXp World  - For Cap Deferment information see the Cap Deferment Policy  To apply click here:  Cap Deferment Application.

STEP 2: Read the eXp Explore Guide - Click Explore Guide to read this comprehensive guide to learn everything you need to know about life at eXp Realty.

STEP 3: Complete Fast Start On-Board Training -  If you don't already have an account set up, go to Partner Fast Start, click on "Get Started", and answer the questions to set up your access. This video training goes over eXp Tools and Systems plus our Exclusive NAEA Tools and Systems. 

STEP 4: Receive The Fully Signed ICA Email AND "Item 3: License Transfer Process" Email - Transfer Your License -Please reach out if you have  questions or contact your eXp State Broker. For Broker info see the directory. Please be aware sometimes your old broker will deactivate you after you leave. So be sure to have all the paperwork filled out and ready to submit before you tell them.

STEP 5: License Transfer Complete  - Transfer your listings to eXp with your MLS - Contact your MLS for instructions first and then your state broker. State broker information can be found here State Broker. Also make sure your MLS account shows eXp as your new Broker.

STEP 6: Order Signs - To order signs, cards, and other marketing items see Signs and Other Marketing Items. Be sure to follow the Guidelines and send a proof to your state broker and marketing@exprealty.com for approval prior to ordering.

STEP 7: Receive email "Activate Your eXp Realty Email Address" or "Important Action Needed to Completely Join eXp Realty" - Follow the instructions in this email to confirm forwarding of your eXp email to your existing email address.  Your email alias will be your user ID for all eXp systems.  *Check your SPAM folder if not received within 24 hours from your license transfer.  Once complete the system will send the email in the next step.

STEP 8: Receive email “Welcome to eXp Realty - Your Passport Account” - Passport is a single sign-on system.  Click the link to activate your Passport account and set up your password.  Your Passport ID will replace the temporary guest account you received for eXp World.  *Check your SPAM/JUNK folder if not received within 3 hours from Step 10.  This ID and password will give you access to Enterprise, your personal launch pad to all things eXp Realty.   *Check your SPAM/JUNK folder if not received within 24 hours from Step 10.

STEP 9: Take A Look At Your Enterprise Dashboard & Order Business Cards  - Make sure you have attended the training for this platform first then login here and take a tour of your new dashboard to see everything that's available to you.  See Getting Started with Enterprise.  You can order your FREE business cards here.  For other marketing materials such as flyers, brochures, postcards, etc. eXp see the Marketing Center where you can customize the base templates. and save.  For any customization artwork be sure to follow the guidelines and send to your broker and to marketing@exprealty.com for approval prior to ordering .

STEP 10: Download Workplace and Workplace Chat to your phone. - Workplace is an easy-to-use collaboration platform, a lot like Facebook built for the world of work. This is where we share best practices, keep up on company news and events and share referrals and more.   

Our Success Family Onboarding Trello Board https://trello.com/c/NZzDk8Jg 

For Apple:

For Android:

How to manage notifications

Read Workplace Guidelines here

On your computer set up a bookmark on your bookmarks bar, and on your phone move the app to the front screen.

Best Groups to Join:

STEP 11: Receive email: Activate Your eXp Realty SkySlope Account 

This is the Transaction Management Platform that eXp uses.  Your ID will be your eXp email alias and you will need to set up a 

password to activate your account.  This platform is used to report all your listings and purchase contracts to eXp.  If you don't receive this email within a day of confirming your new eXp email address, click this link to set your password to access: https://app.skyslope.com/ForgotPasswordNew.aspx?type=MW

NOTE: Most State Commissions or Associations offer forms online and some using platforms such as Zipforms,  you will need to continue to use that platform or website to access documents.     

Attend the training class to learn how to use this platform.  Information for the class is listed under eXp basic training below.

STEP 12:  Set up your Regus Membership

STEP 13:  Complete the eXp training listed below.

CONGRATULATIONS You're Fully Onboard!        

eXp Basic Training To Complete While On-boarding 

 eXp World Training Calendar 

Click here for  FAQ and support visit the eXp Knowledge and Support site.

NOTE:  Canadian Agents  - Stop by Canadian Operations in eXp World to for education classes designed just for you

Read eXp Realty Policies and Procedures U.S. Policies and Procedures   /  Canada Policies and Procedures 

Take a Guided Tour of eXp World - Take a daily guided tour of eXp World. During the tour you’ll learn about each area inside of eXp World and how to best utilize this platform.  Tour days and times are here: eXp World Training Calendar.

Start the eXp FAST START Class Series and Add the Other Classes To your Calendar. - Live, interactive training will guide you through getting started with eXp Realty.  Each class lasts about an hour.  Get a head start with this series as you onboard.  Download the checklist here then check the calendar for dates and times of each class.  Don't forget to put each one in your calendar.  Classes are held in the auditorium inside of eXp World.  Also, if you haven't read the Explore Guide now is a good time to do so.  This guide covers all the benefits eXp offers.

Download eXp World mobile app for IOS and Android   Guide to Mobile

eXp Enterprise / Your Dashboard for Everything eXp - This is where you can see your stock, revenue share, transaction history and more.  Click here to watch.  Make sure you watch this short video tour so that you can hit the ground running once you’re onboard and have access. For more in depth training see the eXp Fast Start Series below.

Skyslope Transaction Management - Skyslope Basic Training  - For dates and times see the calendarDownload Transaction Quick Reference Guide.

Basics of Accounting at eXp  - Fee’s, Revenue Share, and Stocks - For dates and times see the calendar.

kvCORE - CRM Introduction - kvCORE is an optional FREE service to individual agents. This platform is your new CRM that includes a client-facing  custom web site to drive leads to for lead capture, tracking and managing.  Watch the Introduction videos below to become more familiar with the plastform so you are ready to get started once you're onboard.  Each video lasts 5-7 minutes. Web Site and IDX, Lead Engine, Smart CRM, Listings, Transactions, Marketing Autopilot, Analytics, and Marketplace


You've completed the basic on-board training!