Ross Loofbourrow

  • Certified as a High-Performance Coach in 2022
  • Honed expertise as an ADHD High-Performance Coach (2016 – Present)
  • Crafted an ADHD High-Performance Coaching Program
  • Views ADHD not as a hurdle but as an untapped reservoir of potential

Dr Jody Stanislaw

  • 10+ years helping people with Type 1 diabetes around the world
  • TEDx talk called “Sugar is Not a Treat” with 5.3 million views
  • Authored a book on life revelations from living in Thailand
  • Advocate of Self-love

Jamie Duggan

  • Nutritious Life Master Coach
  • Behavior Change Specialist
  • Personal Trainer
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • 10 Years experience in the Health and Wellness Industry

Shannon Avery Briggs

  • Founder of Luminous Connections
  • A Transformational Resilience Coach and Strategist
  • Certified High Performance Coach
  • Authored “Triumph Over Darkness: My Journey” and recognized at Frankfurt Germany International Book Fair
  • Survivor of CANCER, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE and gone through losing a child

Jennifer Takagi

  • 12 Minute Success Coach
  • Over 9 Years as Leadership Development Coach
  • 1 year as a Laser Coach
  • Written 6 Best Selling Books on Amazon
  • Nominated 2 years in a row for a People’s Choice Award International (Books on Amazon)
  • Launched a podcast with over 21,000 unique downloads

Theron Smith

  • Home Warranty Expert
  • 7+ years of experience helping people with Home Warranty

Wayne Salmans

  • He was one of the top coaches for the #1 coaching company in the world
  • Voted one of 30 under 30 Top Realtors in the nation by Realtor Magazine
  • One of the Top 50 Real Estate Coaches in America

I truly believe that every person comes to the table carry all sorts of buckets…  some buckets are full, some are empty, and others in between. So often, when we see someone in need, we want to give from any bucket we have.  

In our community we have created a guideline that is along the lines of…

It is our responsibility to recognize what buckets we have that are overflowing…
…and we are ONLY to give from our overflowing bucket…

And meanwhile, we identify the next bucket we want to fill, and it is our duty to take our bucket and put it under the overflow of the other’s bucket…  until it overflows…  

In this way, all of our buckets get filled, and we stop trying to give from an empty bucket.

Sometimes we want to give knowledge when we have more time….  or time when really we have more money…  or money when we really have more knowledge…

In our All Star Coaching Collaborative, it is an opportunity for us to share our knowledge in a short period of time…  and to fill each other’s buckets!

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