Goal Setting Calculator

We know how important to know where you at and set your goals to get where you wanted. Feel free to use our interactive calculator for your goal casting. 

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Monthly Revenue Share Goal:   $10,000.00 Annual Revenu Share = $120,000.00 in Revenue Share per year on Average.
Average Agent Production Per Year ($Millions):   $1,000,000.00 (Max $2.66 Million)    
Average GCI Per Agent Per Year   $30,000.00      
Average Agent Revenue Share:($/Agent/Year)   $857.14 (20%/7 Levels)    
Average Personally Enrolled Agent Multipliar:   5 For every agent you enroll personally,
how many agent are added within their RevShare Group
To Reach your goal you need:   140 Total Agents    
We think you will reach your goal by enrolling   28 Persons    
Current Agents Personally Enrolled   5      
Months to reach Goal   48      
You need to enroll:   0.479166667 Per Month    
Percentage of Closes (Agent Attraction)   20.00%      
Show the Presentation   2.395833333 per month    
Current Prospect List Count   30 Current Prospects    
Total Prospects Needed to Reach Goal   140      
Number of New Prospects per month needed to reach goal   9.166666667      
Number of New Prospects per week   2.291666667      
Number of New Prospects per day   0.458333333      
Rev Share Calculator:
Things that improve your ability to build a strong business:
Attend Events
* Lunch & Learns Each Week
* ShareHolders & EXPCON
* Training Online with eXp & Group
* Keep Prospects Engaged, 3Way Calls, Text/Email Updates,
* Carve out time to build Revenue Share