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In the ever-evolving landscape of Collin County’s real estate market, staying ahead of the curve is our top priority. This week, we bring you the latest scoop on the hottest new construction incentives that promise not just a house, but a place to call home. Alongside, we’ve carefully compiled a market update to navigate you through the currents of Collin County’s real estate trends. Dive in to discover the opportunities that await in one of Texas’s most dynamic counties!

This week’s featured video is a home tour of a new construction home in Little Elm Texas with INCENTIVES. Check this out and know the available incentives that are waiting for you!  Take a look and let us know if you are ever interested in new construction homes around Collin County Texas. We’ve built strong connections with numerous builders across North Texas and are well-versed in their processes, ensuring a smooth journey for our clients, free of any surprises.

Check out the video and let us know if you or anyone you know would like more info on Little Elm Incentives or other New Construction Homes Incentives in the surrounding areas….

Our Hottest Listings

We have several listings coming soon in the North Texas area between $500k-$850k, between 1600 sq ft – 3700 sq ft. If this size home interests you, just email us or call us we’re excited to give you the info.

Market Update

🏡 For Sellers:

  • Seller’s Advantage: Rising costs per sq ft and average sold prices create an ideal selling environment.
  • Quicker Transactions: The decrease in average days on market indicates a faster sales process.
  • Opportune Listing Time: Now is an opportune moment to list, taking advantage of the favorable market conditions.

🏡 For Buyers: 

  • More Options, Still Competitive: A 9% increase in new listings provides more options, but competition remains tight.
  • Market Quality Evident: Slight increases in cost per sq ft and average sold price signal a market leaning towards quality homes.
  • Need for Speed: Be prepared for strong negotiations and to act quickly on properties that catch your eye.

This week’s data reveals a dynamic and evolving market. Buyers face a competitive landscape that demands quick and decisive action. Sellers find themselves in a strong position to negotiate, benefiting from rising prices and a faster pace of sales. The market is ripe with opportunities for both buyers and sellers to achieve their goals.

Remember, every property and situation is unique. For tailored advice and insights into how these trends affect your specific real estate goals, feel free to reach out or schedule your free real estate consultation with us…

Stay informed, stay ahead, and let’s make your real estate dreams a reality in Collin County!

Have an amazing and fun weekend!

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