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This week, we’re taking a (slightly rain-soaked) adventure through the vibrant heart of Allen, Texas! ☔️  Yes, you read that right – your dedicated neighborhood realtor (that’s Juan 😉) braved the downpour to bring you a first-hand video tour of the charming Watters Creek area. Diving into the amazing restaurants, coolest shops, and overall charm that make Allen such a fantastic place to live.

“This is just a piece of Allen and there’s more about in Allen!”

As your realtors, we’re committed to bringing you not just information, but the joy and excitement of finding your perfect place. So, grab your virtual umbrella (or sunglasses, depending on where you are!), and let’s dive into the heart of Allen!

And hey, we know few incentives for New Construction Homes in the surrounding areas, so, let us know if you or anyone you know is interested and we’ll share them right away….

Our Hottest Listings

We have several listings coming soon in the North Texas area between $500k-$850k, between 1600 sq ft – 3700 sq ft. If this size home interests you, just email us or call us we’re excited to give you the info.

Market Update

🏡 For Sellers:

  • Favorable Selling Conditions: Despite fewer new listings, the rise in cost per sq ft and average sold price indicates a strong market for sellers.
  • Quick Sales: A significant 27% decrease in average days on market signals faster sales, highlighting the current demand.
  • Prime Time to List: With the current market dynamics, sellers should consider listing now to capitalize on the favorable conditions.

🏡 For Buyers: 

  • Tighter Competition: A 13% decrease in new listings intensifies the competition for available homes.
  • Market Indicates Quality: The increase in cost per sq ft and average sold price suggests a continued trend towards a market that values quality.
  • Quick Action Required: Buyers need to be prepared for robust negotiations and to act quickly on properties that meet their criteria due to the fast-moving market.

The latest data points to a dynamic and fast-paced market. For buyers, the reduced number of new listings calls for readiness to engage and decisiveness. Sellers, on the other hand, are well-positioned to benefit from the quick pace of sales and favorable pricing trends. The market’s current state offers evolving opportunities, demanding flexibility and swift action from all parties involved to navigate the shifting landscape successfully.

Remember, every property and situation is unique. For tailored advice and insights into how these trends affect your specific real estate goals, feel free to reach out or schedule your free real estate consultation with us…

Stay informed, stay ahead, and let’s make your real estate dreams a reality in Collin County!

Have an amazing and fun weekend!

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