Brent Gove – Former Keller Williams Team Leader & $100MM+ Mega Agent discusses why he joined eXp Realty

Brent Gove - Former Keller Williams Team Leader & $100MM+ Mega Agent discusses why he joined eXp Realty

Former Team Leader Brent Gove Joins eXp Realty from Keller Williams

On Today’s episode we have Brent Gove. Brent has been in real estate for about 21 years. He spent 12 years at Remax and 8 years at Keller Williams before transitioning to eXp Realty. Brent’s business is currently in 37 states, and he has over 1,489 brokers and agent associates.

In this episode you’ll hear about Brent’s experience with the market crash in California in 2005, how he found himself at eXp, his thoughts on the eXp business model and what’s taking place at eXp Realty.

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In this episode
Culture and growth at eXp
Other companies in comparison with eXp 
The transition to eXp

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“I saw the benefits; webinars that explained how to acquire stock, how to get leads, the five to 10 Cloud classes a day to train my team and then the revenue sharing component. Those four things, I was like wow this is this is shockingly better than I thought it was going to be.”

“I am ten times more excited to be at eXp because of what it does.”



KEVIN: Welcome to the show Brent.

BRENT: Thank you Kevin.

KEVIN: Well for people that maybe haven’t heard of you before which probably not very many. Can you give a little bit of your background in real estate because I know you and I both were team leaders at Keller Williams but you’ve done a lot team wise as well.

BRENT: Sure yeah. Been in real estate since 1996 or 1997 I can’t remember what year it’s been about 21 years now and you know start off struggling like everybody else. Then he kind of figured out at the end of your first year in year 2 I did better three I think my fourth year I sold 48 homes. I kind of found my stride. Friend of mine talked me going to Toronto to hear Craig Proctor who at the time was the number one Remax agent in the world up in Toronto which Craig Proctor super conference loved it. Met great people like Jeff Williams and Jay Kinder and Todd Walters and all kinds of wonderful people spent years learning that system and I went from 48 sales a year which I was matched to over 400 sales a year then 169 million in annual volume. And really when you are about leverage and building a team and then of course the market crashed in summer of 05 in California. I remember June I closed on 55 homes in a single month, got paid 55 times in a month which is great. The guy netted about 288.000 net that month so I was a good month financially. But you know we bounced around you know it would go 55 45. You know it might drop five or 10 sales but the next month we closed on 19 Homes we’d never drop like 35 sales and I thought that maybe we were distracted with the Fourth of July and I took the team to Scottsdale go golf and how fine and then the next month 17 and 14. By December we closed nine homes and I had 47 buyers agents working for me and that was our total close volume by December forty nine for forty seven agents. Everybody went bankrupt. Everybody lost their homes their cars. It was brutal. And that happened this summer and fall 2005. So people said oh the market didn’t crack until 08, 07 maybe around the country but in California it was 2005. And so from there things got worse. By 2009 it was just I was losing 30 40 50,000 a month for years and by 2009 Keller Williams came knocking on my door. They said hey we’ll pay a base of 288 thousand plus bonuses up to half a million come believe Remax be a part of Keller Williams. You can keep running your team to normally do. But that’s the only way I would come and I came and it was great experience for me of course Remax said it will be terrible you’ll hate Keller Williams and you’re making the biggest mistake of their life it didn’t matter where I would have gone whether it was Coldwell Banker Century 21 or wherever they would have said it was a terrible idea because I was leaving their team and gone for the opponents right thing. They were wrong though Keller Williams was way better for me not saying they’re better than Remax it is better for me personally. They were wrong. Keller was great. I was there for eight years. So 12 years a ReMax eight years. Keller that was my 20 years. Then about a year ago I left Keller and you know I didn’t like Keller at that time I loved him. Was never ever ever going to leave Keller Willaims. What could possibly be better than Keller Williams used to run the number one franchise in America. We made more money in 2009 than Austin Texas. Our Roseville Keller Williams is markets and it was number one and profitability for the entire nation. And that was in 2009 and last year I left the company that I loved and I was of the value proposition for eXp was so powerful so amazing I had to leave when I did. Of course Keller Williams like Remax said hey it’s a huge mistake you’re making a giant mistake don’t do it. And bottom line I was leaving their team for the opponents team and they were wrong. My last 16 months here at eXp has been nothing short of miraculous and life changing and unbelievable. So in 45 days I get to retire from real estate. I don’t have to list homes anymore. I listed a bunch of homes this week. Presenting three offers now I’ve sold three to me personally not my team me I’m a very active agent. But in 45 days I get to retire I’ll give all my listings to my listing specialist on my buyers and I’ll just kind of run the team and keep an eye on it. But it was the eXp that got me to the point where I no longer had to bring in a sixty thousand dollar a month monthly income to keep the lights on you know to pay my home bills and the office bills and the overhead it was 60000 a month. Well because we don’t need to govern that money anymore. It’s been amazing. And now I’m at eXp and absolutely loving it.

KEVIN: You know Brett what’s interesting about your comment and I would echo what you said right. I was a team leader at Keller Williams and was there and a big team in St. Louis Missouri and the most common comment is what you just said which is most of us were extremely happy. We were very happy where we were. And it’s almost like we were sort of astonished at this value proposition of eXp realty that came by and went Wait a minute. I can’t not look at this because I’m a business person. I think you’re like decisive like I am right. Driver personalities and I know you dug right into it and you made a decision pretty quick didn’t you.

BRENT: Ten days but I was fortunate enough when I saw the benefits webinars that explained how to acquire stock, how to get leads the five to 10 Cloud classes a day to train my team and then the revenue sharing component. Those four things I was like wow this is shockingly better than I thought it was going to be and wow I don’t have those six ways to acquire stock Keller Williams so I don’t have the ownership piece and the revenue share piece and that literally saw a way to earn over a million dollars a year outside which I will do twice that much this year. But outside of real estate sales to make a million dollars a year, I go that is significant. So the benefit I had just dumb luck was the very next week they were doing their annual convention in San Antonio Texas. They’re like hey if you’re crazy get yourself an airline ticket get out here next week and meet us meet the founder of the company Glenn Sanford. Meet the CEO Jason Guessing. Meet Vicki Bartolomé our president. Come out here and meet us. And I said I’m crazy and I bought three roundtrip airline tickets. Seven hundred each. Because it was last minute was 2100 dollars just for the airfare. Bought tickets to the event it was like 300 400 bucks for each person. I spent like four or five grand to come check out eXp as a Keller Williams agent. I brought my CEO chief operating officer who runs my company and I brought a local independent broker with me. I said look we won’t be going to San Antonio if I wasn’t excited I won’t be paying for all this and do all this I am interested. I’m excited about the opportunity. So I don’t want you guys to come here be excited. In fact I want you to come here and be negative. I want you to tear this thing to shreds. If there’s a fly in the ointment let’s find it. Either this thing passes the mustard test or it doesn’t. And we must have interrogated a hundred people over that three days brokers from Colorado or New York or Florida agents that were brand new in Seattle that were brand new in Phoenix. The agents had been doing this for four or five years in different parts of the country six seven eight years and were like really did they do they pay like like they slow pay. They were bounced the commission check. Did they pay revenue share every month. Do they pay late and have they ever bounced the revenue share check and basically it came back roses after three days and so because I was able to see the Webinar, fly to Texas that next week I left Keller Williams. Never thought I’d do it. Loved Keller was a wonderful company. They just don’t offer five to 10 training classes a day. They don’t have the lead component. We’re able to turn on people’s phones and deliver 100 to 300 leads a month to their phones that will change an agent’s life. The training and the leads are then finally six ways to acquire stock. I have about half a million. After 16 months after past 20 years zero I like my program better. I then find the revenue share to a company that would share revenue because we’re cloud based they could do it. Are these other companies cannot copy the model because they are going to pay for these behemoth offices and so the whole cloud based things huge so I think that was a long answer to a short question.

KEVIN: You touched on some of the stuff in the answer that I was going to drill down on. So for anybody listening to this you know Brent had this rocket ship ride and if anything it’s accelerating even further now. So Brent you join and you were a team leader and granted the timing worked out and it was 10 days but you were a team leader at Keller Willaims before as I’m going to ask you a question that I know the answer to because I was a team leader just like Gene Frederick was for a long time for a guy like Brent Gove and his team to move in 10 days when you were a team leader in a previous franchise system. Did that ever happen?

BRENT: No no no it take months sometimes a year or more to get people to move. I know Keller Williams started talking to me in 2001 and it was only in 2009 in the bottom of the worst market correction since the Great Depression were they able to get me to move. It took them nine years to get me to move and eXp the value proposition was so great. Dave and Keller flew me to Texas took me out to steak dinners brought me all kinds of events and the last two years there was a hard push from 08 and through 09 or 07 and 08. So whereas eXp I paid for all my own stuff. I mean eXp didn’t even buy me a cup of coffee. The value proposition was so powerful. I was gone in ten days so that we see that all the time. It’s irresistible.

KEVIN: Well for somebody on the outside that is now because we’ll talk about what’s going on 16 months later is what’s going on now has to be shaking their heads right. If they’re in a large franchise system whether they’re in one of the big massive market centers or they’re in a established Remax operation or even an independent they look around their marketplace and they’re seeing massive movement. I mean I talked to somebody the day before yesterday and the comment was we’re in San Diego and I’ve never seen anything like it. Right. Well you know Daniel beer comes over and then they go from like 10 or 15 agents at eXp in that market to 100 in less than a month. So yeah the comic you get on a rare occasion I know you have talked about how many states you have agents in a revenue share now but the comment that sometimes in I’m gonna make this statement people will say well in my market there aren’t very many agents. Maybe it won’t work here. What do you say to that.

BRENT: My gosh escape your market. Here’s a cool way I used to live in Chico California college town. And when I finally moved down to Sacramento a suburb of Rosewell my income went from you know I was making I don’t know a 150 thousand a year 180 to over 400 thousand a year because I moved to a bigger market. But if you don’t want to leave your town which many of you don’t. Here’s a way by telling people about the eXp you’re able to escape your town. I have an agent who joined us up in Anchorage she has 60 listings now there are 60 eXp listings overnight in Anchorage. Talk about an expansion model. Honolulu Hawaii we have that number one Keller Williams luxury agent one of them doing one to five million. She moved the eXp. Now I get paid on wholesales in Honolulu where in 37 states they answer your question. But my first year I thought I think it’s a work I got admit I like well it’s either going to work or not I’ll get me eXp six months. If it doesn’t work I’ll go back to Keller Williams, they’ll take me back. Six months later it had worked beyond my wildest dream. Some people this is your stay at your company. I could have done that. I had the regional owners begged me to stay offer me ownership offer me. What do we have to do to get you to stay. Nothing. I know what Keller Willaims is it’s great but he can’t offer me this opportunity. I’m going to go try it but I’ll be honest with you. Kevin I go six months it’s either good work or it’s not. And my first year I earned almost half a million in stock over 400000 and I got paid liquid cash over 500000 in rev share. When you combine the two that’s 900000 dollars outside of my team I came to the eXp with 18 agents at the end of the year I had 18 agents. They were 100 percent retention. It was funky or weird. Some of them would quit. It’s an important distinction to note. We had a 100 percent retention zero attrition because they’re all acquiring stock. They’re all acquiring revenue share they’re getting more leads and they’re getting training. They love to have 100 percent there year later. Plus we added five more buyers agents wasn’t even trying to do that. So now 23 unbelievable by the way. We just had a star agent in the San Francisco Bay Area Los Gatos just leave Keller Williams. This year he’ll do a quarter of a billion in sales. His name is Brett Jennings. Gary Kilar heard about it last week. He said called him up personally said get on a plane come see me in Austin. I’ve arranged for you to fly out tonight. First class ticket on a red eye. You’ll get here tomorrow. Gary spent six hours with Brett and said hey here’s what we’re doing. It’s amazing. Brett Jennings came back and he thought long and hard and that was this weekend and Sunday night he packed up his office with his agents and his staff. There were close to 20 there in Los Gatos this morning in Los Gatos the Silicon Valley the Bay Area. They come in their star who’s doing a quarter of a billion. He the number one Keller Williams aged Northern California Hawaii. His office was empty and he Just in ya know some trash cans and desks and tables left in office. They were free. Talk about a mic drop where to go. People already call me he’s at eXp. And if you listen this you need to investigate eXp, it’s real it’s the fastest growing most dynamic real estate company in North America. All the stars are coming. It is exploding I heard what people in the queue. We have ten thousand agents now. When I was here 16 months ago there were fourteen hundred and now we’re at 10000. That’s not doubling or tripling or quadrupling it’s exploding it’s it’s unbelievable what’s happening and we will be at 30 and 40000 agents in the next year or two and then we’re going to 80 to 100000. I’ll tell you this we’re growing internationally across Canada we’re going to open up Mexico we’re going to open up the Philippines South America, Brazil, Chile Argentina. I’m going to get paid on home sales in South America and South Korea, Japan and China. It’s going to happen Coldwell bankers worldwide Remax is world worldwide but we will grow faster and here’s why there are 206 countries in the world. There are 25 million real estate agents and brokers and I’m telling ya eXp is going to have a couple million of those 25 million and I plan on having hundreds of thousands a part of my organization. I’m working hard for people. Kevin you’re working hard for people. Gene Frederick is working hard. Rob Flixscott and Tracy Lewis there are so many amazing people at this company and it’s just exciting to see what’s happening. You know I was thrilled to be Kelly Holmes. I am ten times more excited at be eXp because of what it does. People have so much hope they like can’t sleep. So excited I can’t sleep. And it reminds me of Keller Williams back in the late 90s and they invented something that was better company exploded. They’re a great company their a fine company. They just don’t have six different stock awards. They don’t have the revenue sharing components. They don’t have five to 10 classes a day at least at this point that we have access to that eXp does in the cloud and they don’t turn on agents phones and have the ability to deliver 100 to 200 300 leads a month through conversion and we’re coming up with Cavey care. I think is it Cavey Care, am I saying it right.

KEVIN: Cavey Core.

BRENT: Victor Core which is like conversion times 10 with the tools it is unbelievable. Buckle up the world is about to see the most dynamic real estate company ever to hit planet earth like a Netflix like a Google like an Amazon. This is a game changer and it’s for real.

KEVIN: Well some of the stuff you touched on a lot of mega agents and mega mega agents and expansion agents are going to listen to this and I want to make something very clear that you touched on which is you’re going to get called to Austin or wherever headquarters is for the franchise system you’re in and they’re going to offer you the world but don’t get confused by waved caps right. If you look at it let’s say they wave 200 300000 dollars where the caps for him how much equity you have. Right.

BRENT: By the way Brett Jennings has offered four hundred thousand dollars by compass and turned it down.

KEVIN: Sure. So you look at the value proposition but what I’m dealing about in the franchise system I want people to hear this pretty clearly they’re going to attempt to lure you back with free caps so even if you’ve got in this case this mega mega team. A quarter of a million three or four hundred thousand dollars in waved caps which is why you’re going to go to that’s their only lever. Don’t get confused with the fact that you are passing equity because here’s what they’re trying to do. They’re looking to do a Silicon Valley play which is if you can keep a key executive off of the playing field so they can’t earn equity and they can’t earn incentive compensation until the opportunity is gone. They no longer have the incentive to leave. And so if they could keep them out of play for a few years by giving them a free cap he doesn’t get to own the equity or the revenue share. So if you’re hearing this and you’re thinking about doing something we’ll talk about due diligence steps here in a minute. Don’t ever get confused about why they’re doing this. They want you to get to the point where you don’t have an opportunity for revenue share you have the opportunity for equity. Brent you said after 16 months what does your equity look like right now.

BRENT: Close to half a million in stock. And this year my CO sitting over here will make close to 2 million liquid cash my second year. And if the stock does well who knows I won’t go on record right. Definitely have my thoughts on how that stock’s going to go. I can tell you this it was three dollars a share when I got in 16 months ago and it’s trading at over 12 dollars a share today. You know what I’ll trade at tomorrow but that’s kind of interesting. What was it before that. Years and years ago it was 13 cents a share and 20 cents a share than a dollar of the two and then three and six then nine now it’s 12. Who knows what the future will be maybe to go the other way. But I had 20 years of zero I do want to say this Kevin. When you go back to your broker and go well what do you think this is what I think your broker. And it doesn’t matter where you go if it’s eXp and you’re a ReMax agent you’re thinking about going to Coldwell Banker or Coldwell Banker agent and you’re thinking about going to Better Homes or you’re a better homes agent and you’re thinking about going to Keller Williams. It doesn’t matter where you’re going your brokers even go that’s so awesome. You’re leaving our company Century 21 and you’re going to Better Homes wow we’re so excited. That’s a that’s a great idea. That is not going to happen. They get really negative. Every reason reasonable world why you shouldn’t be at Remax why you shouldn’t. Go to Coldwell Banker. Why Keller Williams is a huge mistake and Remax did it with me when I went to Keller. They were wrong. Keller was better and then Keller didn’t tell me about eXp, passionately told me this was a bad idea and about a listen to him. I wouldn’t be making a few million dollars this year. And I wouldn’t have all the stock in it so great to see people’s lives change. I have many people many many many many people making 5 15 20 25 30 thousand a month Revenue shares. Some of them just a lousy thousand 2000 dollars a month. I know my second month I earned five thousand dollars. Revenue sharing my first month 9800 by my third month I was making ten thousand a month. And by fifth month I was making 25000 a month revenue share outside of sales every single month compared to profit sharing which after eight years I was averaging four hundred a month. And because our office was no longer as profitable and if you’re not as crud I’m making 2000 a month congratulations your office is running very profitable right now. I was no longer running the office wasn’t in charge of the bottom line and mine had dropped to 400. But to be able a little point where I was knocking down 25000 a month every month like clockwork. Not a year but a month and then go to the point where I was making 40 50 60 and 70 thousand a month every month, not year. You’re special. Come on. I mean that you know you do the work you earn the money. I went enroll 24 people in three and a half months. And it just went berserk. Go do that. Just go give it a shot. Learn more about the company but just remember your brokers not going yay that’s so cool eXp such a great idea. They will offer you ownership. They will offer you money they will offer you free offices, they will give you 100 percent cap. They will do anything they can they’ll offer to fly you to Austin first class and spend six hours with you. If you’re a big enough player which is exactly what Gary Keller did personally with Brett Jennings and you know what after that Bret goes wow it’s impressive thank you. He’s grateful to Keller. But the value proposition is so powerful he had to leave the company he loved like me for eXp and he is excited. And today’s his first day eXp there’s a big huge empty office at Los Gatos Keller Williams homes and they’re in shock that their star left their star agents are leaving the top brokerages nationwide. I’ll just tell you this Kevin in Sacramento we pulled the numbers Coldwell banker is losing agents not gaining not for the month but for the year they’re down Century 21 went down Remax down Keller Willaims down that number one company losing agents is Keller Williams actually followed by Coldwell bankers, Century 21 to Remax. Now the companies that are growing third place Homes Smarts second place Realty One first place eXp. 16 months ago not a sale today 10 percent market share. One of California’s largest metropolitan cities was scratched the 10 percent market share. This year we’re probably at a 20 25 percent market share eXp is coming on like a hurricane. Check it out. Check it out. Check it out.

KEVIN: You know what’s interesting about this Brett. You got the red eye flights into Austin right. We’re just talking about one example right Remax all the same thing. But the next card to be played. Mark my word is going to be pressure on the market center owners in the OPs to drop their caps to try and give people incentives to stay. They don’t get it. They don’t understand the market’s been disrupted and all that’s going to do and I’m tying this down to your point when you see that if you’re at the franchise system where they just cut the caps in half. Brett what would that have done to your Roseville market center if somebody came to you and said you going half what happens to profitability.

BRENT: Profitability was already totally hurt. So yeah I mean the way it decimates slopes are going to push back and they’re in a tough situation they’ve got these commercial leases signed on these giant behemoth options that hold two or three hundred agents in some cases 4 5 6 hundred agents they’ve got 5 10 year commercial leases they’re in big trouble. They’ll say stuff like Well is it a sustainable model why don’t you tell me when the market corrected last time at two thousand five six seven whatever you want to say till 2011 or 12. Who was hurting and people of big offices were hurting. eXp is cloud based. Now we have a joint venture with Regis, we have thousands of locations there are 12 Regis corporate suites in Sacramento. Some are amazing, some aren’t as nice. Plus I have my own private office many agents have offices. So if you have an office keep an office just move out of where you are into some business park or corporate suite you’ll be surrounded by people who aren’t real estate agents or brokers. I mean it’s so ironic well I like only the office really are surrounded by agents and brokers at my beautiful office I’m surrounded by a hundred forty professionals. You don’t have real say license but they buy and sell real estate. List sell buildings. I mean it’s been unbelievable for business, get out of your office and get out into a community and the best way to do that is be cloud based but if you like an office which I do. I have my own office you can afford and you get a pretty three hundred a month to work with your stockbroker your Allstate agent your nations wide insurance agent farmers financial planner a lot of these people have offices they’re not even using. Hey can I move for free and you can still have an office environment but eXp doesn’t have it. So when times get tough the model that’s not sustainable or the old way of doing things just ask Blockbuster. Ask Toys R Us asked Yellow Cab ask the hotel industry that’s given their fanny handed to them by air BnB I mean the cloud based technology driven is where it’s at. We got here 9 years ago. We’ve got a nine year headstart they’ll be competitors that come in but baby were publicly traded we’re we’re growing and it’s going to be nothing short of amazing so I’m just stoked if can’t tell.

KEVIN: Oh I’m right there with you. So if somebody is listening to this Let’s say I’m a mega mega agent or a capper and I want to do the right thing I need to dive in and do some due diligence. What are the two or three things you think they should do to get the right answer. Before you answer one of the things I’m going let’s say this as a caveat and we’ve done this on every interview is it doesn’t matter who introduced you the eXp you’ll hear Brent give his contact information at the end. We don’t care how you got to introduce the eXp. Everybody is here to get you the right answers if you need to talk to Brett Gene or me or pat Hayes or whomever. We’re all here to help regardless of how you were introduced to eXp. So Brent would a two or three things be that you recommend.

BRENT: Well number one whoever turned you on eXp they got to this point you owe them a big old fat thank you a hug and kiss on the lips whatever you want but you need to stick with that person that person in my opinion should be your sponsor your rolling sponsor at eXp. The kind of thing where you shop around. If it wasn’t for them he would even know about the opportunity. So a) My sponsor was a single mom out of Texas I’ve never met but I’ve changed her life. She’s I don’t know. Last I heard she’s making 40000 a month revenue share. That will change a single moms life. And you know she helped me for the first two or three months and we were off running. You know so a we were you always been that should be your sponsor so if you reach out to Pat Hayes or Scott Tracy Lewis or myself or Gene Frederick and you already talking to someone we will love to talk to you and tell you about this amazing company. But whoever turned you on to the company in my opinion that should be your enrolling sponsor. End of story. End of story. I’ve had nine people ask me to sign them up I’m like nope. Because you’ve thought about this through somebody else whoever it is you need to go back to them. They need to sponsor you. I don’t know that well I didn’t know my sponsor either. I met her one time for 60 seconds. Thank God she called me and turned me on to this. I knew I would be interested in the eXp. I mean my gosh what could possibly be better than Keller Williams. In my mind I’ll be like your company. I didn’t like mine. I loved mine and for this company to do what it did for me. I’m so grateful to her so it doesn’t matter whether you know your sponsor but you should call people ask questions get going and if someone tries to recruit you away from ever turned you on to this I highly recommend you not enroll with them because they have no integrity and it’s just it turns my stomach. So someone is trying to convince you to go with them over somebody else. They have a massive lack of integrity. MAJOR red flag. I highly recommend you not go with them and you go with the person who turns you on eXp in the first place. Yet owe it to them. So that’s my two cents I got off topic on that one a little bit but I just want to cover it.

KEVIN: I’m glad you did because for the vast vast majority this is a culture that is not visible to the outside world eXp. I mean we both came from a franchise system that talks about culture and win win and values. I can tell you haven’t been and experienced it in that franchise system and here. The culture is amazing from a standpoint of people helping you know it and it doesn’t matter if it’s me or Jean or you Brent it doesn’t matter how you came into the system were here all the way down to the agent in Anchorage you mentioned. Doesn’t matter who gets tapped on the shoulder to help the culture of win inside of you eXp is amazing. So before I let you drop off Brent any final thoughts and then I want to get your contact information in case somebody wants to reach out to you.

BRENT: You bet. I do want to say one thing about the culture of this company. It is amazing. It’s always great people from all the greatest companies coming together. The culture is unreal. Well I’m doing four hundred million a year. I got you know sixty five buyer’s agents. Why would I want to do this. Because 16 months ago I only had 18 and I was severed to the market conditions are Sacramento California now. My business is up and up throughout 37 states. I’m diversified and I now have as of today 1489 brokers and agent associates of the eXp that I get to share revenue on and they are thrilled to be here. So my team went from 18 to 14 189 across 37 states and throughout Canada. So I highly recommend you look at this because where we you 16 months ago. I don’t know 40 50 agents what you got now 60 maybe that a hundred and look at how powerful this model it’s not me it’s the value proposition. How powerful eXp is. I hope you come to our next big annual conference which is in New Orleans in October. By the time this goes out we’ll have past our shareholders meeting in Las Vegas which happens April 5th and 6th it’s probably by the time this hits the open market that a year passed. But we do two events here the next on 22nd 23rd 24th double check the dates in October in New Orleans. It’s going to be an absolute hottest ticket in real estate in North America the fastest growing most dynamic real estate company that is changing people’s lives like I’ve never seen eXp come out there. Check us out. Bring people. I did. And I got an unfair advantage and my business exploded because of what I learned from that event. So that’s all I’ve got to say.

KEVIN: Fantastic Brent. Somebody who is listening to this. They want to get a hold of you, what’s the best contact information for you.

BRENT: I’d be happy to answer your questions and send it right back to them and they should be your sponsor. End of story. 916-223-5555 is my cell phone 916-223-5555. Text me not going to give out my email address because I gave up reading email last summer. My staff reads my email. I don’t do email. Course I do email but my staff will be the talking to my staff not me. You want to talk to me. Text me. That’s how I prefer to communicate. That’s what happens when you’re 59 and you’re a baller. You get to call the shot. So the number is 916 223 5555. Text me your question if you want to talk just text me the words Call me and tell me who you are and where you’re from and I’ll reach out to you when I get a break. Probably the same day usually within an hour or two just depends on what I’ve got going so I hope this was helpful Kevin.

KEVIN: Absolutely. Thank you for coming on the show.

BRENT: All right take care. Bye everybody.

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