Brian Culhane – Culture, Historical background & founding of eXp Realty – Part 2

Brian Culhane - Culture, Historical background & founding of eXp Realty - Part 2

Interview – Brian Culhane

In this episode we have Brian Culhane, originally from Chicago. Brian sold commercial real estate advertising prior to transitioning into realty. Eventually he found himself stepping out and starting a brokerage and then ultimately joining eXp.

This episode covers the formation of eXp Realty, what the decisions were in terms of setting up a cloud realty platform, how eXp has grown and what you see with eXp Realty today.

Learn More about eXp Realty – Click here to watch a quick 7 Minute Intro Video.

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In this episode

  • Where the term eXp comes from
  • History of eXp
  • Physical location vs Cloud opportunities
  • Recruiting
  • Culture at eXp Realty

Want to Learn More about eXp Realty?

If you are interested in learning more about eXp, reach out to the person who introduced you to eXp or Contact Brian to inquire or ask questions.
Contact Brian via email at


“Everything, lead generation, oriented production based, it’s all designed to make the agent team and producer highly efficient highly productive and profitable.”

“It all stems from that philosophy. It’s this idea of we’re in this together we’re collaborating together we’re sharing each success.”

“I think you’ll come to the realization that there’s no better opportunity to get you and your family ahead than the eXp opportunity.”

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