Skyslope Guide for Buyer’s Agents

Step 1: Click on Apps and go to FORMS
Step 2: Click on Create New File
Step 3: Select your representation then add your Client's Fist name, Last name and Email
Step 4: Enter the address of the property (You can manually enter them) or Click import MLS data and enter the MLS number (if the property is on the MLS)
Step 5: Select the Pre-Filled Buyer Template
Step 6: Select the documents you need for the transaction
Step 7: Review the document and make sure it is what you and your client agreed to
Step 8: Make sure that there is correct action required for each Role (if buyer needs to sign, should show needs to sign)
Step 9: Check the document and make sure that all lines that need signature or initial are filled out
Step 10: Create your email then send for signatures

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