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In The Cloud Realty Explained Podcast - Introduction Episode

In this first episode Real Estate industry veteran and host Kevin Cottrell and co-host Gene Frederick introduce us to the In The Cloud Realty Explained Podcast and talk about why they are getting the word about EXP out there through this podcast.

The EXP model is a breakthrough model offering agents real company revenue share and increasing sales and income. Popular and highly successful Real Estate Agents are more and more joining EXP and will be interviewed in the following episodes of the In The Cloud Realty Explained Podcast debunking all rumors and misinformation by sharing their personal experiences and talking about how and why they moved to EXP. 

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Remember our disclaimer: The materials and content discussed within this podcast are the opinions of Kevin Cottrell and/or the guests interviewed.  This information is intended as general information only for listeners of the podcast. Listeners should conduct their own due diligence and research before making any business decisions. This podcast is produced completely independently of eXp Realty and is not endorsed, funded or otherwise supported by eXp Realty directly or indirectly.  

EXP offers agents:

  • Company Revenue Share
  • Quick and easy collaboration between agents through the cloud based system
  • Frequent detailed online training
  • A community of Agents helping each other
  • Benefits and growth  

Take away

EXP is agent driven, agent focused and is the fastest growing Real Estate company.



KEVIN: Welcome to the first episode of In The Cloud. The EXP Explained Podcast I am host Kevin Cottrell and I’m pleased to have my co host Gene Frederick here with me welcome Gene.

GENE: Hey Kevin how are you.

KEVIN:  I am well so this is our first episode where we get to let people know about this disruptive podcast that we’re launching. So when you and I were brainstorming about how to get the word out about EXP in other words there’s so much misinformation. What was it that you thought was so important about us getting the word out and why we should do this in this podcast.

GENE: Well I think the agents that are joining us. Kevin you and I have talked about it. The quality of real estate agents that are joining us across the nation is just phenomenal. I don’t think I’ve ever ever seen it in the industry before. And so the level the quality of professionals that are joining us from all other types of companies and independents. We felt you and I talked about it to hear prominently why they made the decision so quick and they’re joining us so fast and again you and I have been attracting agents all our lives and we’ve never seen agents at this caliber make the decision in such a short amount of time in a week in ten days in two weeks. And they’ve been at other companies for oh my gosh 10 years 15 years 20 years. So there’s no better way to do it than do podcasts and actually hear it from their own words as to why they made their decisions. Because it’s going to vary from agent to agent.

KEVIN: Well I think it’s also important and we talked about this with the fact that as the number of agents per week or per month has ramped up there’s been a lot of noise and misinformation in the industry and there’s no better way to get things out than to hear directly from agents. In other words it doesn’t matter if they came from a franchise system or they came somewhere else. There’s a lot of that back channel chatter about oh you know John left for this reason are oh she or he left for this reason. And the agents in their own words. It’s pretty incredible not only for the reason you just mentioned with them joining quickly but the level of due diligence. I mean these are people that are running big businesses. I mean we’ve got interviews lined up with people that you know maybe as a 5 or 6 million dollar producer maybe it’s a brokerage that had 50 75 agents 100 agents. Maybe it’s a 250 million dollar a year team that was the top team for their franchise. Across the board everyone looked at the value proposition and their own words they’re going to share with you things like they they’re blown away. “I can’t believe it”. “I’ve never seen anything like this”. “I can create wealth for my team”. And as you mentioned both of us were team leaders never in my career. Never in your career did we have a 250 million dollar producer go OK I’m in. I’m going even after you know as we know as team leaders they get wowed by their franchise don’t they right? They get flown into the headquarters and they get the real dog and pony and we’re still seeing them coming aren’t we.

GENE: Well what’s excited about Kevin is our system our model is the same for everyone. It’s just the opposite of what most companies do. Like you mentioned wine and dine them and offer them money and offer them freebies here and freebies there. What we’re doing is exactly the opposite. This model is the same for a person that’s doing three million a year that somebody is doing 300 million a year. It’s the same exact model. And I really think that attracts every agent from a brand new agent all the way up to a mega mega agent and that’s exciting to me is that they’re looking at the model they’re researching it. Some of them for months I have a lot of the top agents. They’ve taken a month out of their lives to research us and they’ve come back and go well it’s real. It’s working. And I said Yeah. And now again on the other flipside I’ve had agents go you know I’ve been at the same company for 20 25 years. I’ve seen every model out there. This is the first one that’s intrigued me. Well it’s because it’s the first different model and you and I’ve talked about it and that’s what’s with these podcasts are going to show it’s a brand new real estate brokerage model that Glen Sanford invented back in late 2009. It’s just his brilliance and the fact that him and Jason guessing who’s been our CEO now for you know since we started in late 2009. Those two gentlemen have brought this model to life and we’re just here just can’t wait to hear different agents describe what hit them. Boom agent ownership what hit them revenue share and like you said with big teams they really really care about their team members and they want their team members to have a better life and have equity in their lives and have a cash flow that maybe will continue in their later years so it’s very very exciting I can’t wait to the people we’ve got tap that you guys are going to hear are just the who’s who of the industry and it’s going to be exciting exciting podcasts that we’re doing.

KEVIN: I want to echo that because I can tell you in a lot of the interviews I did the whole team aspect people caring about their team members the normal cycle right? You know some of the franchises really focus on teams like those rainmakers will be going to a multi market, attract talent right they’re focused on that laser focused. And then there’s a built in conflict right. You get your talented person that’s on the listening side of the buy side. They grow up they mature in the business and then the built in conflict is they want to go do their own thing. And when you hear these EXP agents that have been around for a little bit what they’re doing is they’re trying to nurture these people now to go do exactly that because the revenue share and the equity and everything is such a win for everybody. They want them to succeed. In other words you don’t have that normal strife that occurs if somebody has a team and then the lead listings special’s wants to go form their own team and then there’s now strife between the original rainmaker and them. I’ve got interviews where people are telling me that’s not what happened I’m encouraging my people to do that. The second thing they’re talking about in many of these interviews is revenue share. They are working diligently with their team members to build them basically residual income and they’re having success with that that helps with retention and helps with growth that helps with attraction for them as their value proposition as a team. It’s as you said Gene it’s a breakthrough model that eliminates so many of the problems right? There’s franchise systems and you and I work for a great one right? They claim they were agent focused and if you look at this compared to that are not aged in focused. In other words all of the agents are pulling the same direction every agent that we interview on here gives their contact information and makes the statement I don’t care how you learn about EXP. If you have questions and you feel I can help you make a great decision text me call me. Let’s have a conversation about it. Other than being a shareholder and an advocate an evangelist for EXP those agents have no direct benefit. And you and I both know as team leaders in a franchise system. We didn’t have that kind of culture and dynamic and that’s one of the biggest ahas I’ve seen in the interviews that I’ve done where people are just blown away as they get inside the EXP with the culture. The fact that all of the agent owners are pointed in the same direction and willing to help and that’s something that I know Gene you and I talk about a lot. It’s a pretty incredible thing to witness isn’t it.

GENE: Oh yeah. It’s so fun when when I first met Glenn three years ago Glenn Sanford’s our founder and visionary. He said Gene we’re going to create a collaborative model. And I heard that word collaborative and I said well it’s collaborative mean? What does that really mean? Well when you get into our 3D dimensional world which is our cloud office it just comes to life. And the fact that you could meet someone in that model as a 3D dimensional person as an avatar and meet someone all the way across the United States in a span of minutes the collaboration that you feel. And then when you it’s funny Kevin you and I’ve talked about it when you meet that person in person because we still believe in personal contact. Of course we have two big events a year that we get all the agents together. We do live training in our markets almost every single month in every single city. But when you meet that person and you’ve like maybe from Boston and you live in California and then you meet him in that event and you’ve only met them as an avatar and then you meet them in person you go Oh man I could feel that was you. And the connection and the collaboration that we’re having so fast is just what’s going on in the Internet age and it’s what’s going on in the retail industry with everything shutting down with Amazon. We’ve never had a disruptive technology like our 3D dimensional world in the real estate field and that’s what I’m excited to share with everybody. I want you to hear the enthusiasm from these people that are your partners because we’re true partners as we all owned stock together in this company and that’s the biggest difference I can see.

KEVIN: Well absolutely and I had an interview with a rainmaker from a team she does about 40 million a year and 200 transactions in the Dallas Fort Worth area and she made the comment coming from a franchise system she said I can’t believe how much closer I’m working with the rainmaker from the number one team we were in the same market center. We never collaborated in a mastermind. We’re now working together because we’re both shareholders in the same company and we’re focused she said. I see that across my marketplace and across the country and it blows me away. I mean she was on leadership committees she was fully bought in but she said the dynamic. I had no idea. I mean she’s only been with the EXP for a couple of months but she said I am blown away by how much collaboration there is and she made the comment as well and I just want to tie down with this and get some final thoughts from you Gene is she said the cycle time of masterminding versus going to events only a couple of times a year right? All the big franchises and companies normally will get people together. There’s not that online collaboration right in the cloud. She said “I’m able to collaborate with peers and others that I respect daily in the cloud” right the icon collaboration the masterminding and all of that occurs much more regularly than most people observe from the outside. So I think it’s important for people listening to this to realize that if you look at the people were interviewing and the people in your market are across the they’re joining EXP. Those are people you’re going to mastermind with. And if you want to be part of that crowd that should be a big reason along with the words of these agents for why you want to take a good look at EXP.

GENE: That’s exactly right. Kevin I had a conversation just the other day with the gentleman that’s been in the business 37 years and he’s only been with EXP for a year. He says Gene you’re going to think this is crazy but I’ve been masterminding with the different icons. We have an Eicon meeting once a week for the Eicon agents. He goes once a week I get in there for a half an hour and I mastermind with these other Eikon agents. He says I have learned more in the last year masterminding with these people than I have in the 37 years before I got to EXP. I said that’s that’s just phenomenal. And he goes I just can’t believe it. It’s just so much fun. Now again who would think that real estate can be fun again. You know it’s your you and ours model, is making real estate fun again. Well being able to collaborate in a world like ours with our 3D dimensional world as we call it our office our campus our EXP world campus you’re going to be able to mastermind with everybody all over the United States all over the world. And we’re going to sell real estate quicker faster and better for our clients than anybody else. This is really really agent driven. Agent driven and agent focused. I’m excited. Can’t wait to hear all the podcasts.

KEVIN: Absolutely. It’s going to be pretty exciting. I will leave this with this final thought unless Gene has something to add. If you and there’ll be plenty of people that are the agents that will be listened to these episodes. If you have someone that you know in your market or across the country that’s joined to that’s got a great story get in touch with us there’s contact information on the podcast page in terms of me interviewing them or Gene talking with them on the podcast. We’re happy to were not doing just the initial interviews. This is going to be a regular podcast with three new episodes every week. Look forward to it. Thanks for coming on the

GENE: Thank you Kevin. Looking forward to it.