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This week, whispers of spring are in the air, and so is the buzz around the housing market! Nationally, mortgage rates have seen a slight uptick, leading some to wonder if the hot seller’s market might cool down a bit. But what does that mean for us here in Collin County? Let’s dive in and see what’s happening in our local market…

Plus, we’ve got a fantastic house tour lined up for you, showcasing brand-new construction homes with incentives that’ll make you want to skip into spring! Let’s start with our featured video – A house tour of one of the BEST New Construction Homes in Melissa under $550k. Let us know if this interests you or if you love something similar to this, we’re excited to help…

We’ve built strong connections with numerous builders across North Texas and are well-versed in their processes, ensuring a smooth journey for our clients, free of any surprises.

Plus, we know few incentives for New Construction Homes in the surrounding areas, so, let us know if you’re interested and we’ll share them right away….

Our Hottest Listings

We have several listings coming soon in the North Texas area between $500k-$850k, between 1600 sq ft – 3700 sq ft. If this size home interests you, just email us or call us we’re excited to give you the info.

Market Update

🏡 For Sellers:

  • Continued Demand: Despite a slight decrease in properties under contract and sold listings, the increase in average sold price suggests healthy demand.
  • Stable Market Conditions: The average days on market remaining unchanged indicates a stable selling environment.
  • Good Time to List: With prices still on the rise and a stable market pace, it’s an advantageous time for sellers to list.

🏡 For Buyers: 

  • More Listings Available: A 6% increase in new listings provides more options, slightly easing the competition.
  • Market Price Adjustments: A slight decrease in cost per sq ft, coupled with an increase in average sold price, indicates a nuanced market.
  • Immediate Action Needed: Be prepared for negotiations and act quickly on properties that meet your criteria, as the market remains competitive.

This period reveals a market adjusting to varied pressures: while more properties are listed, the slight decline in sales velocity contrasts with higher average sold prices, hinting at a competitive but discerning buyer landscape. Sellers need to navigate this with strategic pricing and presentation to capture interest. Both buyers and sellers must remain adaptable, leveraging the current market’s opportunities to fulfill their real estate objectives effectively.

Remember, every property and situation is unique. For tailored advice and insights into how these trends affect your specific real estate goals, feel free to reach out or schedule your free real estate consultation with us…

Stay informed, stay ahead, and let’s make your real estate dreams a reality in Collin County!

Have an amazing and fun weekend!

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