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3-Way Call Agenda

3-Way Call Agenda

  • Share your background and your story about why you joined
  • Mention the success you’ve already had
  • Mention the many success stories across our entire group ( be relatable-what did it solve for people in their situation)
  • Ask what they like most about what they have heard / seen so far
  • Let them know what the next step is “I’m going to have <sponsor> send over the application
  • If not ready now set them up with the next engagement. (Event or Lunch and Learn)
  • Edify the team member so that you empower them to have some confidence
Creating Urgency
  1. If you can’t create urgency then people will not take action.
  2. FOMO -Fear of missing out
  3. Dangle the carrot -new country opening, launching in their area, relatively unknown in their area, be the first whale in the market.
  4. Let the prospect know you are meeting with several others in the market and you are looking to partner with one and help them build
Welcome Call
  • Get new people on 2 -3 welcome calls with people in your group that can relate to them or even help them with where they are in their business
  • 5-7 minutes max
  • Tell their story
  • Ask for their “why”
  • Paint the company vision, then for the recruit’s future
  • Explain and book their OLC and tell an OLC success story
  • Get them started with filling out their wealth chart
  • Promote training class and weekly lunch and learns
  • Edify their sponsor, and the two full-time upline leaders they will be working with.