One Big Fire


– Harness the power of eXponential growth to become financially free


Check out the book: Building an Empire by Brian Carruthers

1.  Get FIRED up! (Be Relentless!)
      a. Commit to working on your Growth Mindset Daily
      b. Surround yourself with positive people who support your vision
      c. Set goals and track what you do daily
      d. You are selling eXp AND our entire Revenue Share Group!
      e. There isn’t a problem a real estate agent has that someone in this group can’t solve

2. Make your list
      a. Make your list of EVERY real estate agent in your sphere of influence and agents you think are ambitious and sharp as a tack. (minimum of 50)
      b. Make a list of the affiliates you know (mortgage, and title)
      c. Your list is your GOLDMINE

3. Wealth Chart
      a. Print it out and pin it up on your wall
      b. Set your goal for all levels
      c. Update it daily
      d. Text it to someone in your upline monthly so they know you are serious

4. Official Launch Call (See OLC INVITE SCRIPT and OLC KEYS TO SUCCESS)
      a. Schedule within the first 3 -5 days in the business
      b. Invite everyone in your sphere that knows, like, and trust you (Goal of inviting 30 to get 10 to show up)
      c. Get them in on a Zoom call
      d. Pay attention to who is showing interest and asking questions
      e. Send everyone who shows up Brent Gove’s agent attraction video as follow up AND the Why Partner with US video. (We need to create this!)
      f. Send anyone who doesn’t show up a personalized link of Brent Gove video and follow up.
      g. Use three-way calls with upline to answer questions and overcome objections (See detail)

5. Weekly Lunch & Learn
      a. Once launched this is your weekly recruiting live presentation
      b. Important that we all come together weekly especially since we don’t have “bricks and mortar”
      c. Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t just send out video to watch, – to create a movement you need give your best Generals a crowd to speak to.
      d. You will be able to introduce your prospects to other agents they can relate to.
      e. “You don’t go to Church to find your faith you go to strengthen it.”
      f. You’ll learn how to give the presentation and keep up with any changes the company makes.
      g. This is a SYSTEM to plug in your new recruits that duplicates

6. Attend Events

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