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AA Script eXp

AA Script eXp

Hello ______________, Thank you for taking my call.   This is ________________ with ICON Coaching and Shon Kokoszka’s office.  Shon asked me to give you a call. Now, this call is not about Coaching…  Do you have just 2 minutes to help me? I don’t have much time ____________ (first name) and I know how busy you are.  So, can I have your permission to be completely direct?  First and foremost, what brokerage are you currently associated with?  (if with eXp tell them that this is an attraction call and end the call) That’s great!  Let me ask, (First Name) For the right commission splits, the right training and leadership, the right technology where you can keep more of your hard-earned commissions instead of giving it to your Broker and the right opportunity to earn equity in your brokerage and residual income in the process, (pause…) Are you possibly recruitable?  If I text or email you a link to a short – 7 minute video – explaining the opportunity, would you take a look at it? As you know, Shon Kokoszka has coached several of the top producing Agents and teams across North America.   And Shon is looking for just 40 like-minded individuals who choose to invest in their future and partner with Shon to significantly impact the trajectory of their lives personally, professionally and financially.  So, if I could get Shon on the phone with you for just 15 minutes to explain the opportunity at a deeper level would you be open to learning more? Perfect, tell me, what generally works best for you, mornings or afternoons?
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