The Webinar Invite

The Webinar Invite

This system is amazing!

Make sure you get this to everyone in your organization. Plus… Be sure to get them to invite agents to our “Live Webinar” each Wed at 4pm pst. They ONLY need to get good at inviting people to attend. We do all the selling the system.

Sample invite script:

Hey (AGENT PROSPECT) what’s going on?

(YOUR NAME) here. Just wanted to catch up with you and see how things are going for you this year… How’s business? (The prospect will usually say great, or it’s okay)? They’ll usually ask YOU how things are going for you. To which you say VERY enthusiastically and with energy things are awesome this year! Best year EVER!

They will say really? You say… I am so glad I met ( Jeff & Marsee Wilhems in Tucson). Those guys have been selling over 500 homes a year now for years and they have been helping me learn how to sell more homes and I’m actually working less hours now and it allows me to spend more time with my family and doing what I enjoy instead of working all the time. (They will usually say really?) Then you say… absolutely!

Heck you know what? In fact, the way I met Jeff & Marsee was through their weekly webinar. They host a “Live” webinar each week where they help agents sell more homes and make more money. It’s kind of their way of “giving back” for all the success they’ve had. I don’t even know if I can, I can, but if I “COULD” get you an invite to jump on their webinar this week, you wanna listen in and see what I’m talking about?

They will almost every time say yes!

Now say… ok… let me text them and see if they’ll send you a link to their webinar. I hope they have a spot available… This will literally change your life if I can get you a spot on their webinar. Tell you what… Let me call you back in the next 10 minutes or so. Then we can catch up on other stuff too. Talk to you in a few minutes.

(7 minutes after you hang up the phone with them)

Call the prospect and say this: Hey ________________, great news! I just heard back from Jeff and he said they are doing this week’s webinar at 4:00pm on Wednesday. He said this week’s webinar will only take about 45 minutes. They’re going to have a couple other rock start real estate agents talking about what is working in their markets to sell more homes too. . They only have 3 spots left do you want me to tell Jeff you’ll take one of the last 3 spots?


I will have them e-mail you a Registration link to join the webinar. Make SURE you put my name down as the person that invited you to the webinar or you won’t get access. They track that pretty close. I will call you about 10 minutes before the webinar just to make sure you are all logged in and ready to go okay?

Great. Talk to you Wednesday about 3:50…

(Wednesday at 3:50pm)

(Agent Name), this is (Your Name), you ready for this webinar?

Get a note pad and pen… You in a quiet place with no distractions? Cool… You in front of your computer? Were you able to log on. You should be just hearing music and see a screen that has a couple of pics of Jeff & Marsee etc… you see it? Perfect. I will be on with you. As soon as it’s over I will call you and we can chat about what you learned today sound good?

Great. Talk to you in about an hour!

( 2 Minutes) -after the webinar is over…

(Agent Name) wasn’t that incredible? Can you see why I am so blown away? What did you like best that you saw? You’re coming over to eXp with us so we can help you make more money and build your real estate business up right? Great… let’s get the process started. This will NOT move you over yet. Just get’s the ball rolling. Go to click the “apply as an agent button… etc etc etc… If you now need a (3) way call scheduled to answer questions and further edify eXp and make them feel warm and fuzzy to join. This is the time to text your biggest upline builder who has over 100 agents in their rev share group to help you!!!

Happy Attracting!
Best Team Ever.

Welcome to the
Wilhems Wolverines!

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