ACN Onboarding Guide

ACN Onboarding Guide

I. Initial Contact

After Initial Invite

Call day before to confirm appointment”

Send text reminder 5 hr before presentation
“Hey NAME! As promised, I have RSVP’s you and he is looking forward to meeting you over Zoom today at 1:00 CST… be sure to login 6 minutes before start time ( add zoom link)

Send text reminder 15 min before presentation
“Hey NAME…just a quick reminder to grab a drink and pop on zoom… see you in just a few minutes

Attend the presentation. If asked to speak, edify the speaker.

Follow up to check in “What did you like best with what you saw?”

Schedule a call to Harsh, Shaune or Juan if they still have further questions beyond our scope.

II. Sign up
  1. Go to and click on Enroll Now.

    Or click the button below.

2. Click on “Start Today” button

3. Complete filling out your information

Within 48 hours, get on the 7:00 2nd look call and 8:00 training

Then get on Saturday or Sunday Orientation at 3:00

They must get CQd… if they do not get CQd, they can NOT make money, and it’s just not worth their time.


Self help Guide and Live Orientation

Go to ACN Orientation Training
for self help guide and book your calendar to attend our live orientation:

9:00 pm orientation Monday-Thursday
Go to Zoom id 361008748

3:00 pm Saturday & Sunday orientation
Go to Zoom id 361008748

Training and Live presentations/trainings to plug in to:

9:00 am Monday ETL and above
Go to
Zoom id 764631366

7:00 pm ACN Presentation
Go to

8:00 pm High Level Training
Go to

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