First 9 weeks in real estate

First 9 weeks in real estate

Tips, habits, and checklists to set you up for success…


This is your set up week

Order business cards
Request KVcore access through Exp Enterprise optional services
Make a Facebook/ Social post on all platforms to say you’re in real estate/ just moved
Schedule 1-on-1 with sarah for week 2 to determine your goals


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This week you are going to start setting your daily habits. Until you have the right habits you can’t do the right things!

Appointment with Sarah- have your goals and ideas written out and prepared
Determine your daily affirmations and write them in a journal every day
Time block your perfect day schedule.
Start reading the energy bus or building an empire.
Watch at least 1 video a day/ attend a training.
      This can be anything you want as long as your’re learning SOMETHING about real estate, sales or marketing. Good examples are:
                 * NAEA training
                 * Youtube
                 * classes in the world

Your schedule is your schedule and you can use colors that work best for you. This is an example of ours!

PINK – personal must do’s such as the gym, reading, morning routine etc.

RED– business must do’s such as team meetings or important classes

GREEN– anything that generates money such as lead gen, closings, showings

ORANGE– something on the schedule that is important but can be moved if need be worse case

YELLOW– something id like to do but if something more important comes up it can take that spot. BLUE- pre- appointment template

You should carry on the habits of week 2 and add these things in. By this point you should have KVcore and need to work on collecting data.

Call your closest sphere, create convo about real estate but mostly ask them questions about them!
Reach out to friends on facebook/ other social media. Create convo and lead into real estate- don’t come off too strong, just let them know you are a resource to them. Minimum 20 people.
Mail a minimum of 10 hand written notes.
Shadow an open house / shadow all pre-open house work (cold calls, door hangers, etc)


Still continue to do things from week 2 and 3, you ‘re not on a break but this week will be just a few extra things and continuing to do the same things from above.

Create a facebook business page and insta page if you do not want to use your personal.
Shadow a buyer & listing appointment / mock buyer/ listing appointment with Sarah
All things from week 2 and 3
Reward yourself with a much needed day off!


Don’t stop doing things from week 2 and 3, by now you should have a habit of this!

Start implementing lead gen for at least one hour a day. Your lead gen tips will come from Sarah from your 1-on-1 after discussing your goals
Shadow a cold calling session
Make it a goal to have 50 people in your database by end of the week
All things from week 2 and 3
Finish reading the energy bus


Now that you have your foundation it’s really time to go all in!

Continue to lead gen but try to make it 2 hours a day.
Follow up with any leads if you have acquired any
Start reading Ninja Selling
Host a high level open house


Let’s get you face to face

Start to schedule 1 face to face appointment with vendors. Example: title, lender, inspector. Learn what they do and how they can help you!
Host another open house
Set 1 face to face appointment with either a potential lead, prospect, or friend for coffee. Make this a weekly habit.


Check in time! Your’e almost there!

Schedule another meeting with Sarah to see how you are doing and if you need help with anything!
Continue doing all the things above, the results should start to be showing.


Are you ready?! By now you should have one person under contract or at least a very hot lead! Continue doing all the things above and you will be successful!

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