Buyer Information Scripts

Buyer Information Scripts

1. Location - Where Do They Want to Live?

The home you called on is located in the _________ neighborhood. Is that the area you are looking to buy in?

    • IF YES: Great! What is it that you like about the area?
    • IF NO: Great!What other areas are you looking to buy in? Just out of curiosity, what is it that you like about those areas?
2. Price - How Much Can They Afford?

The home you called on is listed at $______. Is that the price range yo are looking to buy in?

    • IF YES: Okay, great! How did you come up with the price range?
    • IF NO: So, what price range are you comfortable buying in? Just out of curiosity, how did you come up with tht price range?
3. Motivation - When They Can Move In?
Just out of curiosity, do you currently rent or own your home?
    • OWN: Will you need to sell your home before you buy a new one? Great! Is your home currently on the market? Idealy, when would you like to be in your new home?
    • RENT: So, are you in a long-term lease, or are you month-to-month? Great! If you found the perfect home today, would you be able to get out of your lease early?
      • IF YES: Wonderful! Idealy, when would you like to be in your new home?
      • IF NO: Okay, great, when is your lease up?
4. Agent - Have They Signed a Buyer Representation Agreement with Another Agent?

("Quick question on that, are they currently meeting your expectations?")

By the way, how long have you been looking for a new home?

Good. How many homes have you seen the inside of?

Excellent! Just out of curiosity, how have you been seeing homes? Are you going to open house, knocking on doors, or having an agent show you?(“Great, I’d love to earn your business!”)

(“I’d love the opportunity to earn your business. I just want to ensure this is a possibility”)

  • IF AGENT: Okay, great! Are you calling signs and having the listing agent show you the homes, or do you have an exclusive agreement with an agent? Okay, so you’re not working with one agent exclusively yet? (“I’m assuming you reached out to us today because you’re not yet working with an agetn?”)
5. Mortgage - Have They Been Pre-Approved?
By the way, when you buy your home, will you be paying cash, or will you need a mortgage?
(“Excellent, yes the very first step in the home buying process is to speak with trusted lender. We have been dong this for some quite some Time now and we really have weeded out the bad lendersand we only use a few trusted lenders.”) (“Yes, it’s always beneficial for our clients to have lenders fighting for their business.”)
    • IF MORTGAGE: Great! Have you spoken to a lender about getting pre-qualified for a loan?
      • IF YES: Wonderful! Who are you pre-approved with? So you already have the pre-approval letter, right?
      • IF NO: Great! I highly recommend doing that. Many sellers won’t even consider an offer from a buyer that’s not already pre-approved. I am going to have one of my preferred lenders give you a call. They are great at explaining the entire loan process and let you know exactly how much house you can afford, even if you decide not to use them to obtain your loan. What would be the best number to reach you?
6. Home Criteria - What Do They Want in Their Next Home?
I’d like to send you more information about the home on ________ as well as some other properties that meet your criteria. What is the minimum number of bedrooms you want in your new home?
    • Gather all home search criteria from the Buyer Information Sheet.
7. Closing - Close for the Appointment
Based on the information you have given me, here is what I recommend we do: Let’s meet as soon as possible to go over the home buying process, do a complete market overview of the areas you’re looking to buy in, get you inside the home on _________, and look at some other homes that meet your criteria. I am available to meet at _________ or _________; which one works the best for you?
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