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eXp Office Address in DFW: 1431 Greenway Drive, Irving, TX 75038

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——> Please schedule to walk you through your onboarding resources…  Plan to do this 2-3 times, so you know what, where and how to access the bulk of your resources.

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The eXp Transaction Compliance support center, A.K.A Help on your Transactions, is super helpful… (855) 966-1397
I don’t think to call them but they are open extra long hours and on Saturdays too…

LOTS of Live Classes in eXp’s Cloud Classes!  View the schedule at www.expcloud.com

Texas Contract Mastery -Master your Contracts and  stay up to date on Updates

eXp’s Texas “Briefcase”

eXp Logos for ordering Signs or Business Cards

Enroll for Transaction Coordinator Services – Service is Coming Soon, but you can enroll now and we can keep you up-to-date on progress

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And  PLEASE go ahead and do the eXp World Tour and the Fast Start program ASAP. It is critical that when you join a new company, you know how to submit transactionsget ahold of the broker, order business cardsaccess your tracking tools and so-o-o-o much more.

eXp Office Address in DFW: 1431 Greenway Drive, Irving, TX 75038

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