Agent Attraction Best Practices

Best Practices by Brent Goves

(Lunch&Learn Playbook)

For this to work beautifully, like a Disney experience… HAVE FUN!!!

  • Talk about real estate & eXp
      • FORD
          • Family, Occupation, Recreation, Dream
      • Leave your troubles at home— NO Complaining/House Keeping 10:30-2:30 … a guest is listening from the moment they drive into the parking lot till after they leave the parking lot
  • we MUST edify eXp vs uplines…
      • People are so impressed when they find out that we are all supporting each other, but not in the same upline/
      •  no “Hatfields and McCoy” talk in the lunch and learns… 
  • No self promotion or collection of Data – unless you are a paid sponsor
        • No solicitation of business
        • No passing out of cards or flyers
  • Be Kind and make everyone feel welcome.  
        • Make eye-contact & smile, say Hello
  • Do the right thing 🙂
        • Watch Brent’ Best Practice Video
  • No self-promotion…  only eXp Realty is promoted at this event 🙂
      • Only exception are our sponsors who are paying for our event 🙂
  • Guests and the person who invited them help themselves to lunch first


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