Full Onboarding List

On-Boarding System

This article will guide you on the FULL onboarding email list and everything you need to know is right here. If you have any questions or if you need support, feel free to contact us.

Onboarding Email: eXp Initial Joining Steps - New Agent

EXP’s onboarding process is simple and we have to make sure that all of the steps are done to have a smooth transition process and save time.

You may also check out the email onboarding checklist

1. The FIRST thing to do after applying is get an eXp World tour!
To download go to download.exprealty.com. You may also reach out to us or request an eXp World tour by emailing expdocent@exprealty.com (Watch the SHORT eXp World Tutorial)

2. Attend eXp Classes RIGHT AWAY.
Check out EXP World Class Calendar to mark the schedule on your calendar. All of these are FREE classes exclusive for EXP members.

3. Your FREE Resources.
Take a look at eXpCloud.com for resources including the Live Support Chat and Company Policy.

4. Logos.
Download EXP Logos, Yard Signs, & Business Cards 

At any point in the onboarding process, you (or those you are bringing to EXP) can reach out to us for help!

Contact Bettina at bettina@homestarsellers.com and (214) 683-6746.

Communication to watch for during the process.

(You MUST have opted in for texts on your application to get these. If you didn’t please go into eXp World and talk to an onboarder to opt-in)

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