AHS 2024 Senior Soccer Trip

CRITICAL DATES – Don’t screw this up!

by September 1 – – Fill out Excursion Form –> https://forms.gle/dknYMwW6FcGo5v5P7 


Cozumel excursion is $100/person.  Heather will send out an email with the details.

Please send Heather the money and ask her or Ives any questions you have about it.

Heather’s Zelle is 214-205-8319
 Heather’s Venmo

by September 1 – Make sure you can log into your www.Carnival.com account and name matches passport

by September 4 – unaccompanied minor paperwork, see below

September 15th – Midnight – Pay Heather for excursion _____ Dollarhide, prefer ASAP…  we will send reminders til Sept 15

September 24th 8pm – ZOOM – Pre-Check-In Meeting – This is Charlie’s spreadsheet – 2nd Number is a ZERO not a letter…

UNACCOMPANIED PLAYER – If we do not have ALL of the forms, your son can NOT go, and there is NO refund

-Osi, Cheewoo, Vinnie, Dominic, Jack —- Get with the Daleys to get ALL of your forms filled out and RETURNED to Christina Daley 

Christina Daleychristina.e.daley@outlook.com214-418-2072


Make SURE you have paid Heather Dollarhide for the Cozumel excursion ~$100/person

Heather Dollarhide heather4osu@yahoo.com 2146628820

Bag Tags – print from Carnival Site, fold & packing tape or staple on

Bag Porter – you will drive to the port and drop off luggage BEFORE parking…  tip $1/bag to the porter in Hawaiian shirt…  round up…]

Tip – Bring Cash  – $100/ person  – on TOP of miscellaneous cash for port stuff

Parking – ANywhere is fine but Goodwin is parking at portparking.com and Dollarhides are parking at ___ – Dollarhides

-Some people are driving up the morning of and some are arriving the day before and staying at _____ – Dollarhides

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