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High-quality healthcare for eXp agents


Advanced Plan

Who is the Advanced Plan for?



The Advanced Plan is a great fit for anyone who regularly uses their healthcare beyond just preventive check-ups, such as families with young children, people who regularly visit specialists, or people with recurring prescriptions.

No visit limits or maximum payouts

Expanded PPO network



 Basic Plan

Who is the Basic Plan for?

The Basic Plan, brought to you by eXp Agent Healthcare, is ideal for those who want to see the doctors (and get the prescriptions) they need without worrying about surprise costs.

Best of all, there are no visit limits or maximum payouts for your doctor visits. Plus, we are proud to partner with Talkspace to provide you with the mental health care you need.

Expanded PPO network

No visit limits or maximum payouts

HSA Plan

Who is the HSA Plan for?

For those who rarely use their health benefits outside of preventative needs, a Health Savings Account (HSA) is a great way to minimize your annual spend on healthcare.

Members who select our HSA Plan use their personal health savings account to pay for day-to-day needs like doctors, prescriptions, and diagnostics.

Plus, with our expanded PPO network and Care Coordination services, you’ll always be able to find a provider that can help you.

Expanded PPO network

Care Coordination services

Mental health care with Talkspace

ClearShare Plans

The ClearShare Plan – who is it for?

Accidents or major illnesses can pose a serious threat to your financial well-being. Our ClearShare Plans consist of a medical cost-sharing solution that greatly reduces your out-of-pocket risk.

This plan is a good fit for people who are generally healthy, under the age of 65, and who are not looking for healthcare coverage for day-to-day needs such as regular doctor visits, prescriptions, or diagnostics.

Reduce financial risk from major accidents

Free 24/7 access to telemedicine

Large, unrestricted network

How it works

Created specifically for eXp agents, our healthcare solutions combine the most valuable benefits and supplemental insurance with the largest network at an affordable price:

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