Invitation Script

Invitation Script

by Rob Flick

I have learned to say as little as possible when I am talking with people. My only goal is to get them to watch the webinar or get them to one of the lunch and learns.

This is what I usually say:

There is a new real estate platform and technology that is revolutionizing the real estate industry. You should know about it. Can you watch a short webinar?

If they push about more info:

Well the information is about 90% visually so you really have to see it or you won’t really understand the information completely.

If they keep pushing:

It was started and developed by a tech genius that worked for KW. The #1 RE recruiter in the world is the one that will be doing the webinar and telling you about the platform.

Do's and Don'ts

  • DO NOT sent mass emails.
  • DO NOT mass invite through social media.
  • DO NOT mass cold call.
  • DO NOT post income claims.
  • DO personally invite agents you know.
  • DO sell more houses and meet more agents.
  • DO  make referring agents part of your “biz plan.”
  • DO find Buyers and Sellers and Quality Agents.
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