eXp Training Checklist

eXp Training - Take While You’re Onboarding

 eXp World Training Calendar 

☑ Read eXp Realty Policies and Procedures U.S. Policies and Procedures 

☑ Attend Orientation and eXp World Tour - Inside eXp World in the Auditorium  

Live, interactive training will guide you through getting started with eXp Realty.  To follow along with the presentation Click Here.  The current schedule for orientation:    

Tuesday 9 a.m. PT/ Noon ET   | Wednesday 1 p.m PT/4 p.m. ET   | Thursday, 11 a.m. PT/2 p.m. ET  

Orientation last about an hour and immediately after is a tour of the eXp World. During the tour  you’ll learn about each area inside of eXp World and how to best utilize this platform. Other tour days and times:

Monday 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET   | Thursday 10 a.m. PT/1p.m. ET 

☑ Download eXp World mobile app for IOS and Android   Guide to Mobile

☑ eXp Enterprise Training / Your Dashboard for Everything eXp  This is where you can see your stock, revenue share, transaction history and more.  For dates and times see the calendar. Make sure you attend this class so that you can hit the ground running once you’re onboard and have access.

☑ Skyslope Transaction Management 
U.S. agents - Skyslope Basic Training  - For dates and times see the calendar.   Canadain agents - Transaction Desk  - Click here to learn about Transaction Desk

☑ Basics of Accounting at eXp 
Fee’s, Revenue Share, and Stocks - For dates and times see the calendar.

☑ kvCORE - CRM Introduction 
kvCORE is an optional FREE service to individual agents. This platform is your new CRM that includes a client-facing  custom web site to drive leads to for lead capture, tracking and managing. Watch the Introduction videos below to become more familiar with the plastform so you are ready to get started once you're onboard.  Each video last approximately 5-7 minutes. Web Site and IDX, Lead Engine, Smart CRM, Listings, Transactions, Marketing Autopilot, Analytics,and Marketplace

☑ The Math Behind Lead Generation 
How much should you invest in Lead Generation? - For dates and times see the calendar.

☑ Making it Rain Lead Generation  
Learn about  “Making-it Rain".   This program is used to help generate more qualified leads at a fraction of the cost.  For dates and times see the calendar.

NOTE:  Canadian Agents Only   Stop by the Canadian Operations in eXp World to find out more about education classes designed just for you. 
Grab a copy here:

At any point in the onboarding process, you (or those you are bringing to EXP)   can reach out to us for help!

Contact Bettina at
bettina@homestarsellers.com and (214) 683-6746.

Communication to watch for during the process.

(You MUST have opted in for texts on your application to get these. If you didn’t please go into eXp World and talk to an onboarder to opt-in)

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