Shareholder Summit TAKEAWAY #2

Shareholder Summit TAKEAWAY #2

Jay Kinder One Big Fire by Karen Vommaro
Session Title:
One Big Fire
Hosted by:
Jay Kinder
Course Description:

How do we make ONE BIG FIRE? By taking a look at your business and hitting reset.

Key Takeaways:​
  1. Model Sucess
    a. Surround yourself with like minded people
    b. Pay attention to what successful people are doing and do what they are doing but make it your own

2. There is no Magic Pill

a. You have to do the work, no one is going to do it for you
b. Learn something new if you are not where you want to be

3. 95/5 Rule – 5% of the realtors do 95% of the business

a. They are master marketers

i. Who is the target client
ii. Where are you going to find them
iii. What Bait will you use to attract them
iv. How are you going to convert them to a client

b. Be a freak about your calendar

i. Write down what you do every day and evaluate i
ii. If you are working 80 hours a week you not making more money
you are getting paid less

c. Delegate –

i. if you suck at it or you dont like it delegate
ii. you should not be doing $10 an hour tasks
iii. If its not a HDA (high dollar activity) dont do it

d. Be Strategic

i. Strategy is a plan to execute a goal or solve a problem in the way of the most efficient and effective use of available resources

4. Clarity = Success

a. you are where you are today because of the choices you made 6 months ago
b. Where do you want to be in the next 5 years and what are you doing in the next 90 days to get there
c. Determine your #1 Priority

i. Where am I now
ii. SWOT -what are your strengths and weaknesses
iii. What are all the ways to accomplish your goals
iv. What resources/skills weaknesses do we need to add or remove to accomplish the goals/




1. NO BS Direct Marketing by Dan Kennedy
2. NO BS Trust Based Marketing by Dan Kennedy and Matt Zagula

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