Shareholder Summit TAKEAWAY #1

Shareholder Summit TAKEAWAY #1

BRENT GOVE by Karen Vommaro
Session Title:

We Were Built for This


Hosted by:

Brent Gove

Course Description:

What do you want in the next 12 months? 3 Years or 5 Years and beyond? What ONE THING would make the biggest impact on your life that you need to do NOW to get there?

Key Takeaways:
  1. Start by taking a 30,000 foot view of your life and set the goals you need to accomplish to get where you want to be
  2. Now, fix the issues keeping you from getting to those goals, meaning ASK FOR HELP and dont be afraid to ASK QUESTIONS to those that are where you want to be.
  3. Next its time to BE HUNGRY, meaning go beserk by focusing on those goals, no downtime, you must get it yourself because no one is going to give it to you. Be present and make sure you are not checked out. Your input = Your output. Read books.
  4. Short Term Pain = Long Term Gain, meaning just get it over with quick and it will get easier. Be creative on how you reach those goals. ie., Brent did Gutter Open Houses in front of HUD homes, everyone said he couldnt do it but he did and sold 200 homes that year.
  5. Short Game vs Long Game – Short Game: you buy and sell homes by plugging into the world, paying attention and Brent recommend’s getting a coach. But remember that is the short game – it wont get you off the hampster wheel because it wont pay you when you stop selling homes. Long Game: you attract
    agents to the company and dont say you cant, you have to practice to acquire the skill just like you did with homes. Go List 40 Agents and build your own real estate organization.
  • Fall on your face with anything just pick something you want do go fail at it and you will get your breakthrough.
  • Dont be too comfortable and believe in yourself or you will die with your music inside you.
  • Be desperate NOT needy
  • I million agents will belong to eXp Realty, we only have 29,000. ITS NEVER TOO LATE

 [books, podcasts, URLs…any source the presenters suggested as being valuable resources]

  1. Tony Robbins
  2. Zig Zigler
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