Shareholder Summit TAKEAWAY #3

Shareholder Summit TAKEAWAY #3

by Karen Vommaro
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Mitch Ribak, Kyle Whissle, Bill Price Chuck Fazio
Course Description:

Do you KNOW a top team or brokerage ? You know eXp would be a great fit for them but you struggle with how to start the conversation? Then let these MEGA EXP PARTNERS HELP YOU!

Key Takeaways:
  1.  Ego
    a. Agents love to talk about themselves
    b. They are High D so get to the point
    c. Dont sell them, come along side and be there for them

2. Pain points – try to identify

a. Overhead eating into their profits
b. Staffing responsibilities
c. Time consuming training agents
d. Legal issues with agents and DBPR

3. How to Begin a conversation

a. Offer a Team Suite
b. Let them know when other big teams/ brokers move to eXp
c. Crunch the numbers
d. Get them on a 3 way call
e. If you removed yourself from your company what would happen?
f. Be honest dont tell them its a parallel move. You have to move back to move forward you may lose agents but Growth Potential is undeniable

4. Top Objections

a. They love their Identity Brand – eXp lets them keep it
b. They truly care about their agents – show benefits of income streams
agents get with eXp vs their model
c. Agents will leave – agents want leads, training and support present them the facts of eXp model
d. Waiting for franchise to buy them out –

i.   They could get stuck having to stay on after buy out
ii.  That only benefits them not the agents they care about
iii. The potential rev share could make that decision financially irresponsible

5. Final Thoughts

a. Dont Be Cheap – fly to their office and sit down with them
b. Dont try to sell them – until they are in right mindset they wont come
c. Dont ask? Dont get! – reach out now
d. eXp is liberating for a Broker or Team Leader
e. Agents are independent contractors – care more about what is best for yourself and your family
f. We are a big family, have integrity
g. Success is up to you, dont quit, this stuff works
h. Leverage the Agents at eXp
i. My 10 year plan is now my 18 month plan

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