eXp Lunch & Learn Play Book

eXp Lunch & Learn Play Book

We’re so glad to have you join the eXp Family! This guide is meant to provide specific information to help you get off to a great and productive start. 

Table of Contents

Best Practice
Lunch & Learn Schedule
       Educator List: (Name, Phone, Email) (who added)
       Presenter List: (Name, Phone, Email) (who added)
       Greeters: (Education AND Presentation)
       Sponsor Emcee: (Eric to train)
       Room Coordinator: (Terry to train)

Preferred Vendors / Sponsors


One Pagers!
       THANK YOU for Presenting!
       Thank you for Sponsoring Lunch!
       Thank you for Teaching
       Thank you for being a Greeter
       Closing a Meeting… Follow up with Attendees/Guests

This Guide creates a duplicatable and scalable system to ensure a successful Group Presentation.The goal is to  create an experience where Agents and Prospects can enjoy lunch and a presentation in a fun and energizing environment.

If you haven’t recently… check out The Model eXplained.

Lunch&Learn Plan

Invite Script

Lunch&Learn Playbook

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