Hank Avink – Former Keller Williams MAPS Coach Joins EXP

Hank Avink - Former Keller Williams MAPS Coach Joins EXP

Joining us in today’s episode is Hank Avink. Hank runs the National Coaching League and was one of the top coaches at Keller Williams. Hank has come a long way in the real estate industry in 2008 with success as a buyer”s agent and ran a mega team before jumping back in to sales, coaching and eventually EXP

Hank is known for helping agents with productivity and growing their businesses and gives us his perspective on the EXP value proposition, explains why he believes EXP is a win, touches on how EXP has changed his life and his family as well as the lives of other agents.

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In this episode

  • New opportunities in EXP compared to other companies
  • EXP’s solid foundation, growth and expansion within the past years
  • Importance on understanding the EXP model
  • Revenue opportunities and differences with franchise companies
  • How and why other companies are trying to keep talent away from EXP
  • What is the real risk when if comes to EXP
  • Help and culture in and about EXP
  • Due diligence assistance.
  • Misinformation on EXP out there.

Want to Learn More about eXp Realty?

If you are interested in learning more about eXp, reach out to the person who introduced you to eXp or contact Hank to inquire or ask questions.

Contact Hank Avink on facebook www.facebook.com/soldbyhank



“Whatever risk it is you are thinking about.. I think the bigger risk is not jumping on board”. Hank Avink

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