Lunch&Learn: Proposal

Lunch&Learn: Proposal

  • Have a shared file for receipts and accounting that everyone can view, but only the Treasurer can edit

Everyone can view, and Tucker and update.

One person can/should be responsible for multiple roles – 1/23/2020

Educator – Chris Weaver – Day in the Life of a Successful Agent
Presenter – Wilco
Sponsor – Bed Rock Foundation
Greeter 1 – Terry Touchstone
Greeter 2 – Tucker Reading
Emcee for Educator Terry
Emcee for Sponsor Terry
Emcee for Presenter
Music, Lights – put off for next week
Room Monitor (Room Layout and Clean-up) – Terry
Room/Location Coordinator – Tucker
Sponsor Coordinator – Terry
Speaker Coordinator – Tucker
Education Coordinator – Chris Weaver
Treasurer – Tucker & Wilco

-Vote Text “GROW” to 214-441-6640 to get weekly updates on the North Dallas eXp Lunch & Learns    $25/month

Caterer $8.50/person…  it’s about $200 per week…  He delivers… 

Food & Room

-Another idea is to eliminate Sponsors and we as leader take an active role in cover cost .

We can take food down to salad and sandwiches keep the cost to 200.00 per week

–Room 200.00 per months

–Food   800 per month for food

–1000.00 bucks 10 leaders  100.00 per month and then they can get their generals to pitch in 10 to 20 dollars per month  to offset there 100.00

Budget this into our Sponsors budget 🙂

-In my past direct sale experience the distributer would pay 5 dollars in every time we had a meeting so if 75 peeps show up and 10 guest we would have 375.00 to cover the room and food cost . Any excess would be saved for low attendance. IF we were short for a week the leadership would kick in. This in a sense gave a burn for everyone to show up and bring a guest.

Questions got to Wilco 🙂
eXp Realty North Dallas Lunch and Learn


Successful businesses are built on relationships. Consistent exposure will allow for relationships to grow with time as agents know, like and trust you as their goto vendor or affiliate. 

By becoming a Preferred Sponsor at the eXp Realty North Dallas Lunch and Learn, you gain the opportunity of becoming part of our agent community and build relationships. eXp Realty is the fastest-growing brokerage in the history of real estate. Leveraging technology, the company is attracting the most successful agents and brokers who seek an innovative business model to be part of. In just 10 years, we’ve grown to 25,000 agents world wide. 4000+ agents in Texas and 2000 in DFW. We’re doubling in size every 10 months averaging 1000 new agents joining the company per month. We are breaking records in agent production, volume and agent count.

Come and be part of the future. 

Sponsor Package Details

    • Only 8 Time Slots available. If full, we’ll add sponsor to the waitlist. 
    • 4-month commitment with the option to renew
    • $160/month automatically drawn from credit card or pay one-time payment of $640
    • Sponsor 1 event every 2 month. 2 total for the 4 month period.
    • Opportunity for 30-minute training (Must benefit the agent by helping them increase their sales. How to get more buyers, sellers and close more deals.)
    • We announce the sponsor before the event in all our messages. 100+ agents receive this message. 
    • We assist in collecting contact details of the agents at the event. 30-50 attend on average. Works best if there is a drawing where agents participate by giving their card or signing up for the drawing on cards we give them.
    • The sponsor provides a brief introduction about services to the group before event to educate and offer value. 
    • Sponsor is listed on our Preferred Vendor and Affiliate Page (coming soon) as long as they are a preferred sponsor. We recommend providing a 15-minute video describing who you are and your USP. We encourage all our agents to use our vendors and affiliates who support us. 

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