The System Notes

The System

Check out the book: Building an Empire by Brian Carruthers

1. Get FIRED up! (Be Relentless!)
  1. Commit to working on your Growth Mindset Daily
  2. Surround yourself with positive people who support your vision
  3. Set goals and track what you do daily
  4. You are selling eXp AND our entire Revenue Share Group!
  5. There isn’t a problem a real estate agent has that someone in this group can’t solve
2. Make your list
  1. Make your list of EVERY real estate agent in your sphere of influence and agents you think are ambitious and sharp as a tack. (minimum of 50)
  2. Make a list of the affiliates you know (mortgage, and title)
  3. Your list is your GOLDMINE
3. Wealth Chart
  1. Print it out and pin it up on your wall
  2. Set your goal for all levels
  3. Update it daily
  4. Text it to someone in your upline monthly so they know you are serious
4. Official Launch Call (See OLC INVITE SCRIPT and OLC KEYS TO SUCCESS)
  1. Schedule within the first 3 -5 days in the business
  2. Invite everyone in your sphere that knows, like, and trust you (Goal of inviting 30 to get 10 to show up)
  3. Get them in on a Zoom call
  4. Pay attention to who is showing interest and asking questions
  5. Send everyone who shows up Brent Gove’s agent attraction video as follow up AND the Why Partner with US video. (We need to create this!)
  6. Send anyone who doesn’t show up a personalized link of Brent Gove video and follow up.
  7. Use three-way calls with upline to answer questions and overcome objections (See detail)
5. Weekly Lunch & Learn
  1. Once launched this is your weekly recruiting live presentation
  2. Important that we all come together weekly especially since we don’t have “bricks and mortar”
  3. Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t just send out video to watch, – to create a movement you need give your best Generals a crowd to speak to.
  4. You will be able to introduce your prospects to other agents they can relate to.
  5. “You don’t go to Church to find your faith you go to strengthen it.”
  6. You’ll learn how to give the presentation and keep up with any changes the company makes.
  7. This is a SYSTEM to plug in your new recruits that duplicates

6. Attend Events


8 Step Invitation Script (Im a little confused as to when we use this?)
  1. Be In a Hurry
  2. Give a sincere compliment
  3. Make the Invitation
  4. If I, Would You
  5. Commitment
  6. Confirm Appt.
  7. Triple commit
  8. Get off the phone
I don’t have much time Mike, but I’ve always respected you and how you do business. Let me ask you a question? If I could show you a way to add a new revenue stream to your real estate business would you be open to it? If I text you a link to a short video explaining the opportunity, would you be open to it?take a look at it? If I could get one of the top guys in the company on the phone would you be open to it? be willing to jump on and listen to his story? If I send you a video about the company, would you be open to it? poke holes in it and tell me if I’m crazy? When do you think you could watch it by? So, if I called you tomorrow after 5:00 you would for sure have watched it by then?

Hey Bill, it’s ___. Look, I don’t know if you knew this, but I needed a change, so I have been investigating an opportunity to take my real estate business and income to the next level. I ran across a really sharp guy that has been tremendously successful and I think he’s onto something really big. The person I met is going do a private conference call If I could get you a link to join the all would you be willing to jump on and give me your feedback?

  1. Be enthusiastic
  2. Keep the presentation brief
  3. Facts tell, stories sell
  4. Paint the vision
  5. Send them the Agent Attraction Video and Why Partner
  6. with us video
  7. Follow up with each person to get their questions answered
  8. Update wealth chart
3-Way Calls

With these it is important that the person you are helping recruit, edifies you and you edify them. Help build them up. They should do the same. Recruiting agent should use the 8 Way Invitation Script. They edify the upline person as the expert. That expert shows respect and enthusiasm for the person they are helping. This builds respect and influence for the upline person with the prospect. This helps establish trust.

  1. Can be with anyone in your upline you chose to edify
  2. This is duplicatable -anyone can do this
  3. Position them as an “expert” and much more knowledgeable source
  4. Someone worthy of their time and attention
  5. “The Bathroom Close” (What is this?)
3-way Call Invitation Script 1:

John, I am glad you are interested. Now you know I am relatively new to eXp and because I respect your time and expect you would want to get the most accurate information from the best source, I am working directly with one of the top guys in the company. He knows how the big money is being made here. You will love him; he’s fun and easy to work with But most importantly, he genuinely wants to help you win. If I could get him on the phone, would you be open to talking to him?

3-way call invitation script 2:

John, I am glad you are interested. Now you know I am relatively new to eXp and because I respect your time and expect you would want to get the most accurate information from the best source, you should know that I am working directly with someone who is leading the national expansion for the company. She knows how the big money is to be made here. You will love her; she is fun and easy to work with -which you will see very quickly. But most importantly, she is so down to earth and just loves to help people. I a going to try really quickly to borrow just a few minutes of her time to pop on the phone with you to share some insights with you and answer any questions you have. Hold on a sec…….

3-Way Call Agenda
  • Share your background and your story about why you joined
  • Mention the success you’ve already had
  • Mention the many success stories across our entire group ( be relatable-what did it solve for people in their situation)
  • Ask what they like most about what they have heard / seen so far
  • Let them know what the next step is “I’m going to have <sponsor> send over the application
  • If not ready now set them up with the next engagement. (Event or Lunch and Learn)
  • Edify the team member so that you empower them to have some confidence

  1. If you can’t create urgency then people will not take action.
  2. FOMO -Fear of missing out
  3. Dangle the carrot -new country opening, launching in their area, relatively unknown in their area, be the first whale in the market.
  4. Let the prospect know you are meeting with several others in the market and you are looking to partner with one and help them build
  • Get new people on 2 -3 welcome calls with people in your group that can relate to them or even help them with where they are in their business
  • 5-7 minutes max
  • Tell their story
  • Ask for their “why”
  • Paint the company vision, then for the recruit’s future
  • Explain and book their OLC and tell an OLC success story
  • Get them started with filling out their wealth chart
  • Promote training class and weekly lunch and learns
  • Edify their sponsor, and the two full-time upline leaders they will be working with.

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