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Adding the Agent Signature on Email Templates in kvCore

kvCore for Dum Dums

How to Add the Agent Signature on Email Templates in kvCore

The signature toggle is added back to the basic email editor, but left off the advanced editor. But here’s what happened before the fix…. The good news is: kvCore has a new advanced email editor. The bad news is: kvCore removed the agent signature default toggle from the basic editor. So now, we have to go into every email template we use and add the agent signature merge tag to the body of the email. And if kvCore decides to bring back the toggle defaulted to add the signature (like it was before)…we’ll have to go in and remove the agent signature merge tag from our templates…so that our signature is not showing twice…

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***All credits and thanks to very own, Sylvia Dana. Feel free to subscribe to her YouTube Channel to get the most recent updates of her contents.

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