Listing Presentation Notes

Listing Presentation Notes

(Yours will be more visual and be a presentation with links)

For vetting Listings: Overcome pricing objections in person rather than on the phone. It tends to be better handled in person.

  1. Get them to agree to your price FIRST. Talk logic and then marketing. Stager can help you declutter and decorate with plants/flowers, photos, etc. (This is totally your call. My team trends on doing the CMA first. I love to do the marketing part first. Take these ideas and mold them to fit you and your business). 🙂 
  2. In depth detailed MLS descriptions. Photo consistently is important. Compare yours to another “not so great listing”. We will describe each photo because you can’t rely the buyer to know that (this is real wood, these are 18’’ tiles, etc). * When we sell your home for the most amount of money in the least amount of time, the last thing we want is an issue with the ap- praiser because he missed an upgrade. (Include amenity photos, schools, etc if applicable- selling a lifestyle)

Public description is in bullet points. We only have a 500 character window and people have a short attention span. We want to get across as such information as possible. Say Value over and over and over… associate your presentation to value. 

MLS Attachments – Agents will have everything they need to make an offer. It’s as easy as pos- sible. – Tell them about CSS and it’s benefits to allow for a streamline directly to the Seller, etc. 

Virtual Tours – We do a 360* 3D Virtual tour. “On average a listing of a home with a virtual tour gets 166% MORE clicks than one that does not. Unfortunately, most agents (or your previous agent) did not see the value in putting in a virtual tour. 1- Guided Camera option, 2- Still shots MLS photos with elevator music as a video. 3- 3D virtual tours. The average consumer spends 25 seconds on a listing. * If look look at most of those virtual tours online, you’ll notice that the first 15-20 seconds is used to just brand the agent, not your home and not catching the attention of the consumer. So what we have done is gone with the interactive route, It will create a doll house position of the property. You can see the walls, roof, interactive floor plan (there is your first floor, second floor, third floor.. you are showing them). We have found using our back end analytic which tracks how long a consumer is on a virtual tour that consumers are spending an average of one minute 37 seconds on our VT. After we increased our odds of getting a click by 166%, we now are engaging the consumers, which is the most difficult task. 1- This is going to impact showings. We are cutting down our unnecessary showings. Since buyers can view the home online. We are directing consumers to view the virtual tour prior to visiting the property. You don’t have to pack up the kids, dog ,etc. for a buyer who won’t like the layout only for a good reason… They have already seen it and are just coming to confirm what they already know in person. Showings may be cut down up to 40% but with quality buyers. (Say “up to” with your stats. Know your numbers. This really helps). 

International and Out of State Buyer Program: Many people are in a time crunch to find a house. In this city, people are being shuffled in and out constantly due to work reasons. This makes the buying process so much easier. If the seller is moving out of the market, ask them “ Now, how easy would it be for you the shop for your next home if every listing on MLS offered this? 1 in 12 of the sales last year were international or out of state buyers. That’s a huge part of the pie. This has been HUGE for the marketing program… to get consumers comfortable enough to make an offer and go under contract and getting into escrow without having to make a special trip down to Houston. 

Agent marketing: Another great way for us to market your home with this is the Agent marketing plan. 86% of home sales last year involved a real estate agent. That tells me that I don’t only need to market to the public. I also need to target Realtors who are advising the buying public. What we do is identify the top 20% is whatever zip code your home is in and put together an email list. We put together a virtual flier that includes your address, details, photos and of course your virtual tour link as a stand a lone website. We send this through a service called MailChip so we can have analytics.We can see open rates, forward rates, things of that nature. We find that the top 20% want to know what’s going on In their area. So, 2 days prior to going live on the market, we give them the opportunity to know about the upcoming inventory. We have found that they are sending this to their buyers and building momentum for us on your behalf to help cement their value to their buyers as the guy who has the in tract knowledge about properties before they become available. Does that make sense Mr. and Mrs. Seller? 

What questions do you have?

International Listing Syndication– Zillow,, Trulia, on top of our local MLS, 650+ websites, most of which are International. (for eXp agents) With this increased marketing, we are casting a wider net to catch a buyer

Adwerx– You can do this… it does cost. You could talk about our (free) squeeze pages instead. FB and CL marketing. Consumers have to log in after 4-5 photos and then register. Potential buyer. —> inquiries to showings, showings to offers. *** With Adwerx. Build a custom audience and include the Seller so they see your ads everywhere! $40/$50 every two weeks 

There are Three things that sell a property: 

  1. The Marketing, which I control, 100%. (appropriate price, description, photos)
  2. The Presentation- I will advise on but it’s ultimately up to you to make your home is tidy
  3. What the buyer public deems as market value. (That we can not control). 

Every tool you can add and demonstrate, the more value you will present. (If you are giving a large credit on the buy side, they will need to do more work on their end. Your contribution has a direct affect on my involvement). – For people who ask for discounts.

Grassroots Marketing- Meets technology. 1 in 10 buyers call for more information on a home from the yard sign. We are sure that every listing has a professional, easy to read yard sign where buyers can quickly get information and we can get their information. If you want to, use your KV core number as a sign rider to lead capture. We have live agents on the phone. (ISA pitch). We connect with inbound leads within 5 minutes, We also call neighboring areas with apartment complex. We target potential buyers that meet a certain income level requirements to share your new listing with them. We are proactive, grassroots about driving buyers to your listing. 

At the End- HBJ’s. Now, this is how well this marketing plan has been working Mr. Seller. As you can see, it’s led to $60M in real estate and 300 home sales each year. You can show your awards or even reviews from colleagues, friends/family/ past clients here. 

*Show your sales, pending and Active inventory. Active inventory is good for sellers because the more opportunities I have to get in touch with a Buyer, the more opportunity I have to cross-sell. 

Closing- What questions do you have for me? (none). Fantastic! What happens next is we will fill out the listing agreement, set the staging appointment, My process takes 5-7 days, are you ready to get started? -Bring a blank listing agreement that ALREADY has 6% in the contract. The rest can be Docusigned. “My assistant will send you the remainder of the documents”. In the meantime, we will schedule the stager/photographer. Photos and virtual tour will be done own the same day. Virtual tour is almost instant. Photos take about 24-48 hours for editing. Once we have photos back from editing, we are ready to rock and roll. Leave the SD with them. They need to have it filled out and give it to the stager/photographer when they arrive.

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